BTL “Too-G” Music Video Review

It’s time for another rookie group! Talk about a strong debut!


I absolutely love the tune of the chorus in this song. The beginning of the chorus is super addicting and I just can’t get enough of the “nananana” afterwards. The instrumental is really good against the vocals and sounds especially good in the very beginning of the song. The transition between the singing and the raps could be a bit smoother, and the instrumental behind the rap near the end doesn’t really go with the rest of the song, but I still like it as a whole.

Seriously though, what is “Too-G” supposed to mean anyway?

Score: 4.5/5

Video – Cinematography

I’m not really counting this video as having a story. There are scenes where they are acting, but it is more btl5like a montage than a whole plot. It is really cool to watch though. The members of BTL are part of this dark wizard-warrior group and are getting ready to fight. It is like the epic montage that plays right before the big battle in an action movie. I love seeing all of them doing their little supernatural powers. (One of the guys definitely got the shorter end of the stick though: while the other members have glowing balls and flaming swords, he is stuck with a hockey stick.) Those scenes of them running through an exploding volcano are pretty epic. The special effects could be slightly better in that scene. If they are able to do a really cool bird-exploding-into-members, they could have made the green-screen seem a little less noticeable in the running scenes.

The coolest part in this video for me is in the very beginning when the crows explode into two members of the group. It looked amazing and is a really great way to grab the attention of the viewer.

I know I wasn’t the only one cringing during the bug/snake scenes. How those boys were able to stay calm when filming those scenes is beyond me.

Score: 3.9/5


btl2I love this concept, no matter who is doing it. BTL pulls it off really well. They all look so cool with the dark clothing, random zippers, and stylized rips in the clothing. They look like the perfect mix of boy band and warriors. All of the masks are very fitting for their characters. The guy with the bow btland arrow just looks epic. I love it. Poor Hockey Player Guy though not only gets a lame power, but his outfit also looked much less intimidating than his fellow members.

Score: 4.9/5


btl4This is a really good dance. The moves match the beat of the song perfectly. The beginning starts off strong with those attention-grabbing acrobatic moves. I love the hand waving during the chorus. That move fits the sound and the lyrics really well. The song is about psyching yourself up to get ready for battle, so all of the aggressive movements in this are very fitting. However, when the notes become longer, their movements also become more extended and slower. Each portion of the song has movements that go along with the beat. All of the members falling to the floor is done really well and I really like the whole gunshot part before the last chorus. I’m not giving it a perfect score because while it is really good, it didn’t amaze me like other dances do.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was so surprised at how good this video was. BTL definitely has talent. I can’t wait to see more from them.

A moment for a biased opinion: I love super-power types of videos (EXO’s MAMA, INFINITE’s Destiny), but I wish we could have seen more of the members and their individual powers!

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5

Question of the Day:

What do you think of BTL’s debut?


2 thoughts on “BTL “Too-G” Music Video Review

  1. i liked the music video… It was okay… I think so far out of all of the debuts from this year that i can think of it has the best graphics… But i LOVED LOVED LOVED the vocals. Specifically the very high notes… I don’t know who the guy who sung that part is but it was AMAZING!!!!!


  2. I thought the dance was awesome and the song was addictively catchy, but I could not get over the cheesy graphics. it’s screaming green screen.
    Other than that I’m very impressed and looking forward to this group!
    Great review by the way!


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