You have no idea how much this video means to me…

It’s been a while since something new came out that I really loved in K-pop. Super Junior hasn’t really been doing anything lately (unless you count SJ-M’s 2 seconds of fame with Swing), and there haven’t been a whole lot of new videos that really caught my attention this year.

I haven’t been able to properly fangirl about anything in far too long.

But yesterday…yesterday Cube uploaded a new video to their United Cute YouTube channel that just made me feel all sorts of emotions:

Before all of this, you should know that BTOB is my second favorite K-pop group. Within BTOB, Minhyuk is my favorite member. (He is the one on the right in the video)


Minhyuk is designated as a “rapper” in the group, but he has so many more talents than rapping. He is one of the main dancers and can perform these crazy gymnastics stunts. On top of all of that though, he has a voice. An amazing, incredible voice that we only rarely get to hear in their songs. I didn’t even know Minhyuk had such a voice until I watched BTOB’s MTV Diary segments where I would catch Minhyuk randomly singing a tune to himself or when the whole group would practice singing acapella and Minhyuk’s voice shined amongst the main vocalists. (Seriously though, every single member of BTOB, dancers and rappers included, all have really good singing voices. They are such a talented group.)

Cube could have easily given this duet to Eunkwang and Changsub, the two main vocalists in BTOB, but instead they gave it to Sungjae and Minhyuk! I am so happy that Cube gave these two the opportunity to showcase their often overlooked voices. (Sungjae isn’t my bias at all in BTOB, but I have always really liked the sound of his singing voice.)

Minhyuk sang incredibly in this video. 🙂 He just continues to impress me over and over again.

Okay, that was just the singers. We haven’t gotten to why the song is important to me yet.

I know this song. I’ve known it almost as long as I’ve known K-pop, which would be about four years now. Back in the day when Super Junior was the only group I knew, I fell in love with Leeteuk’s performance of this song on Sukira. I love Leeteuk’s voice, and the passion and sadness he gave this song really touched me.

Soon after that I discovered that Yesung and Leeteuk sang this song as a duet in Super Junior’s very first tour.

Yesung’s voice is perfection, and I have always loved the sound of Leeteuk’s voice. The power of Yesung and the emotion of Leeteuk make this performance absolutely captivating. It is one of those videos that I always go back to when I need a splash of Super Junior/ELF memories.

It only took me four years, but I finally looked up the original song, and I love it. Both Leeteuk and Yesung AND Sungjae and Minhyuk did an amazing job with this song.

Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for nostalgia. Maybe it’s because Leeteuk and Yesung are both away doing their military service and I am missing them like crazy. Maybe it had something to do with seeing my bias of my second favorite group perform a song that brings back memories of my first favorite group.

Maybe it’s because of all of this drama with Kris, bringing up all those painful memories of when Super Junior went through the exact same thing with Hangeng, which made me particularly sensitive all day yesterday.

I’m not sure exactly why, but I cried.

I saw the BTOB video and I just cried.


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