Wheesung “Night and Day” Music Video Review

I’ve never seen a video by Wheesung before. The teaser looked cool, so I decided to give it a try…


In general, this is a good song. It has a really nice melody, especially in the chorus. Based on his performance here, Wheesung clearly has an incredibly strong voice. However, I found some of his adlibs and vocalizations to sound a bit awkward, especially in the beginning of the song and in the very last line. They just don’t sound natural or very fitting for this particular song in my opinion. The instrumental bit also changes very drastically for a moment in the final chorus, throwing the whole melody off in that part. If it weren’t for those particular complaints, I would have really liked this song; however the way it is, I wouldn’t say that it is a great song – but still a good one.

Score: 3.5/5

Video – Story

wheesung3In my second time watching this, I was surprised to find an actual story in there. The video tells the story of C.A.P and Yura. They are on a date, and C.A.P seems to be distracted, which concerns Yura. Yura leaves, and as she does so, C.A.P flashes back to a time in the past when Yura really left him. During that time, as she drove away in the taxi, he ran after her, but when she got out of the car for him, he simply stood there, reminiscing about their happy times, but doing nothing physically, so she left again. Back in the present, C.A.P realizes the mistake he made in the past and runs after Yura, hugging her tightly, expressing the love that he failed to express in the past. It has a nice meaning, to be open about your feelings, but the way it is told is extremely simple. We are only told the bare minimum to get the meaning across. It would have been a much more satisfying story if we were given more details, like why she was leaving.

Score: 4/5

Video – Cinematography


All of the scenes look really nice in this video. The story scenes all look very natural and realistic. They editors do an especially good job with the flashbacks. The way they are introduced is very clean and clearly a flashback. The really fast flashback of C.A.P remembering all of the good times he and Yura had together was done exceptionally well. The camera work during that bit is really cool to watch.

The sets of the dancing scenes both look amazing. I like how there is both a day scene and a night scene, bringing the title of the song into the video. They look really cool, but frankly, they have nothing to do with the rest of the video. The dancing scenes are too mysterious and the story scenes are too ordinary for them to be in the same video together. It looks like two videos, not one.

Score: 4/5


All of C.A.P’s and Yura’s outfits are great. Each outfit is very appropriate for each scene; they look more formal and put-together when on a date, but more casual and run-down when they are saying goodbye. Wheesung looks good in his suits. I like that there is a lighter one for the day scene and a darker one for the night scene. As for the backup dancers, I love the skirts of the female dancers in the day scene. The female outfits in the darker scene though did not fit the concept of the rest of the wardrobe. They seem like outfits dancers would wear in Sunmi’s “Full Moon,” not this video.

Score: 4/5


wheesung2Visually speaking, this is one of the best dances of the year. I love the symmetry with the four male and female dancers circling and dancing around Wheesung passionately singing in the middle. The dance is centered around Wheesung, even though he isn’t dwheesungancing himself. I don’t know anything about Wheesung’s dancing skills, but this is a really great way to incorporate a K-pop dance in a song whose singer is not particularly skilled at dancing (Eric Nam, are you watching?). For the most part, this is a really interesting dance to watch, especially during the chorus.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was really looking forward to this music video, and while it was pretty good, I found myself slightly disappointed. With an epic set like that in the dance scene, I was expecting a really epic song, but what we were given wasn’t exactly *epic* in my opinion. I am still really impressed with the dance and can’t wait to watch the live performance. Sidenote: I was really surprised at C.A.P’s acting. His facial acting was great! (Although, he could have looked a little more desperate when he was running after Yura)

Overall Final Score: 4/5

Question of the Day:

Any fans of Wheesung out there? Other than this, I have only heard “Insomnia” by him (which I LOVE!). Are there any other songs by him that I should check out?


What are your thoughts?

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