B.A.P Live On Earth – My Complete Fanaccount

Brace yourself for the longest post you will probably ever read on this blog. (That is, until the next concert I go to…)

Note: The B.A.P concert was technically in Merrillville, Indiana, but since it was the Chicago show, I’m just going to say Chicago instead of Merrillville. I felt like I was still in Chicago.

My fancams are spread throughout this post and the pictures we took are all the way at the end. All fancams and pictures are mine (taken by my sister) unless I note otherwise or hyperlink them.

One Shot:

After a ridiculously long intro, they finally came out with One Shot. I so clearly remember thinking that they looked like those wax figures that you see in museums during their entrance. That is how weird it was for me. I can still remember perfectly how the screen slowly rose up to reveal them epicly standing before us. After that however, even if I watch a fancam, I literally can’t recall anything else about that performance. I was so in shock and disbelief that I was actually seeing them in real life on stage and not through a computer screen. I don’t remember Zelo doing his head spinning thing. I didn’t even notice that they weren’t doing the actual pushups and just kneeling on the ground. I do remember Zelo going “Everybody ya already know—CHICAGO!” When he yelled “Chicago,” that brought me back to reality that B.A.P was actually there, in Chicago, not in Korea on my laptop.

They all looked AMAZING in the One Shot outfits.

Badman: (Not my fancam)

Okay, when the song Badman first came out, I did not like the choreography at all, but something about the fact that I was hearing the song live with the lighting and the sheer excitement made me absolutely LOVE watching this dance. Jongup and Daehyun both sang amazingly in this one.


Even during Power I was still in shock, but I was so excited once the music started. This was the first song that I really loved from B.A.P, and it’s still one of my favorites. I do remember seeing some things during that performance that I never noticed before. I never realized that Yongguk doesn’t do the spray dance with them because he has to be ready to do his “Come, come, follow me” at the end of that. I also remember thinking that Youngjae looks AMAZING in a shirt and tie.

By the third choreography-heavy song, I could tell they were getting a little tired. 😦 Their moves weren’t as sharp as usual in this one.

After a VCR they performed Lovesick. By this time, I was over my shock and was finally getting into the songs. The performance was so cute. I love the dance and the little “Dugeun dugeun” during Jongup’s part in the beginning. Hearing Zelo sing was also really cute. It was just a cute performance. And it ended in a adorable conga line! Definitely one of my favorite moments.

Coffee Shop Ment:

Before Coffee Shop they did a little skit thing where they actually gave a couple of fans cups of coffee. Jongup sang “”Do you wanna drink a coffee?” to the tune of the Frozen song. And when Zelo asked the girl what she wanted from the coffee shop and she said coffee, he goes “We don’t have coffee, sorry.”

Then they performed Coffee Shop and Body & Soul followed by a VCR. Coffee Shop was so nice! I have never seen the dance to it before. Body & Soul was….kind of awkward to be honest. It was just weird for me seeing B.A.P dancing all body-wavy and what not.


Punch was pretty cool. The performance was kind of centered around a fight between Youngjae and Jongup. I love those kinds of performances, but I have to say that I didn’t like it as much as Super Junior’s similar stage in Super Show 2. Youngjae kicking Jongup to the ground though…that was pretty cool.

No Mercy:

During Punch and No Mercy, Yongguk was wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey! He was also carrying one and waving it around. It was so cool seeing him connect with us like that. No Mercy is one of my favorite songs to watch live on music shows, since so much of the dance is focused on Jongup, so I was a little disappointed when they didn’t do the whole dance. At least they still had the dance break where Jongup did his break-dancing. 🙂

I was super excited for the performance of Bangx2. It is such a fun, energetic song, and the performance definitely lived up to expectations. It was such a treat to hear Yongguk singing! (This is when I realized that he reminds me of Jihyuk from Shut Up Flower Boy Band.) This song was also when I realized that Jongup tends to sing the English lines of their songs a lot of the time. I loved his “Everybody…everybodyyyyyy~”

They then had another VCR which I used as an opportunity to sit down. My sister and I were standing up for all of the songs, which was fun, but it was also tiring. We always sat during the VCRs. 😛

Rain Sound:

I LOVE performances of this song, mostly because I love Jongup’s parts, but it is also just a really nice song. Of course, I was watching Jongup the entire time. I was a little concerned at first because when they all came out, he wasn’t there, but then he came in soon after the song started so everything was good. However during the performance, I saw that his shoe was untied and got all worried for him tripping, but then he noticed it himself and bent down to tie it! I don’t know why, but that is one of the moments I remember the most from the concert.

Then before the last chorus of the song, Jongup just got up and walked off the stage! I was getting really nervous, afraid that maybe something had gone wrong…

But no! He was just getting ready for his SOLO DANCE PERFORMANCE! He killed it of course.

I wish my video wasn’t so blurry. 😦 It was a really cool dance, especially after he took his hat off and started doing all of these acrobatic and ballet-type moves. The music was so epic and he was dancing amazingly and it just confirmed why he is my bias.

Save Me:

Then they performed Save Me. This is the song that I had playing on repeat for the entire week following the concert. I still listen to it all the time. It’s one of my current favorite songs, and may possibly be my new favorite B.A.P song. As if I didn’t already love the song enough before the concert, the dance they made for it was PERFECT! After I came home from the concert, I couldn’t stop thinking about the song and performance. Can Youngjae just sing Save Me to me everyday? That was the song that would get me crying when I listened to it the days following the concert.

Oh my God, Check On. That was just so funny and cheesy and cute. Before they performed the song, they had a VCR teaching us how to do the dance to the chorus. They said something like “only after completing this dance every day will you be able to keep your hormones under control.” It was hilarious. It was dumb and cheesy and probably extremely weird for non-Kpop fans to watch, but it was also really cute. It reminded me of Super Junior teaching the audience how to dance to the YMCA song back in their first tour.

After that was Excuse Me which was the first song they performed that I had never heard. Because of that, I couldn’t really sing along or know what to expect, but it was nice.

By the way, I loved their outfits for these couple of songs, especially Yongguk’s and Jongup’s. I love how they were all different, but they each had a little bit of cheetah print somewhere.

Then was Spy! This was the one performance I really wish I recorded. It was so much fun! Youngjae’s little dance in his “Yes I’m a spy” line! There were so many things happening and so many things to look at. I loved it.


Then they did their little talking thing. First they had a contest to see who is the most popular member, and honestly, I couldn’t tell who got the most cheers. I think it just got louder with each member as we got more and more excited. They did the entire thing in English! They said that they went to the John Hancock building and that the view was beautiful. Youngjae said it was cold. Awwww! And he was all “The Navy Pier……WE WENT THERE” as if he was the coolest person in the world for doing so. They had Chicago’s famous pizza and Jongup said that it was “Yummy!” It’s so cool to think that B.A.P actually explored our city. I hope they really did have a good time. (I really wanted to go downtown that day and see if I could run into them, but I was too chicken and no one would go with me…)


Okay, now for one of the absolute best performances of the night. Hurricane. It was insane. The audience was singing along super loudly, especially during Himchan’s “The (r)oof is on fire.” During the chorus, there were lights everywhere and a disco ball. It was just so much fun. This one was more than just a performance. It was like we were all participating in it and having fun together.

That song went straight into Dancing in the Rain, the second song that I hadn’t heard before the concert. It was fun. It seemed like a song Super Junior would sing at one of their concerts (and that got that little fire of excitement in me thinking “OMG what if Super Junior comes to Chicago next?!?!?!” Yes, if you didn’t figure it out by now, I’m an ELF). This was also the performance where Himchan randomly starting smacking Jongup’s butt. And later there was a cute Himchan/Zelo moment followed by Daehyun and Himchan trying (and failing) to lift Zelo’s shirt. I was getting a little concerned about the lack of bromancing in their concert until then, but that moment reassured me. 🙂

Dancing in the Rain went straight into Stop It. Confession Time: I did not like Stop It at all before the concert, but seeing Daehyun excitedly wave his hands while singing “Hajima Hajima” is forever etched in my mind and now I can’t stop thinking about the song. Daehyun was just so excited and happy during this performance. During one of Youngjae’s lines, Daehyun just ran in circles around him, smiling this goofy grin. Now whenever I listen to the song, I remember the performance, causing me now to love the song.

Then was Crash. I was watching the performance, getting ready to put up my birthday sign for Himchan  because we were supposed to hold them up right after Crash (we were all given one before the concert), but then my sister nudges me and points to the corner of the stage and I see Himchan adorably leaning against the wall and taking pictures of us, so I excitedly joined the rest of the audience and held up my sign too. He looked so happy. He spent so much of the performance just taking pictures from all different angles. (I found out from watching other fancams that while all of this was happening, Daehyun totally looked up and waved in the direction where my sister and I were sitting and I missed it!) So I don’t really remember a whole lot of the actual performance, but I do remember that Yongguk was really happy and excited in this one.

After that, when Zelo said “We only have one more song” I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe it was already almost over.


I flipped out when Jongup took his starting pose for Angel. As soon as he took center stage and I realized what song they were about to performed I immediately turned to my sister shouting “Record! Record! Record!” They performed it so well. Angel is one of my all time favorite B.A.P dances. I also noticed for the first time that Jongup sings the first lines of the very last chorus! I never noticed that! I always thought he just had those couple of lines in the beginning.


After Angel ended, Daehyun led us in singing Happy Birthday to Himchan and they they took a picture of Himchan posing in front of us while we held up our “Saranghae Kim Himchan” signs.

They then did this thing where Youngjae shouted a member’s name and we had to shout back the emotion that belonged to that person from their poster. I didn’t know about any of this and was kind of lost until my sister explained what was going on. Youngjae’s English was too cute though. “Next…next…okay next is…” then points to Zelo. TOO. CUTE.

Then Yongguk stepped forward and everyone immediately quieted down. He talked a little bit about the Sewol ferry incident and asked that we all pray for the victims. I’m so glad people were quiet while he was saying this. The members’ hearts must have been really heavy to have all this happening in South Korea while they are performing abroad. What Yongguk said was really sweet. “Alone you might be weak, but together we can be strong.”

Before their final song, Daehyun goes “We have one more song left, but we have to change first.” And then Youngjae says “But it will only take 100 seconds. Just 100 seconds! We’ll go—“ and then he and Daehyun pretend to tear off their clothes and quickly change with sped up sound effects and everything. It was too cute! Youngjae was like “Just 100 seconds!” Their English was killing me.


Everyone in the audience was so excited for Warrior. You could tell that that was the performance we were all waiting for. I think it was one of the best of the night, probably tied with Hurricane. Everyone was singing along to the chorus, and they performed with the power and energy that they’re known for. The dance break was so epic with the strobe lights. It was a perfect finale performance.  BEST. ABSOLUTE. PERFECT.

Finally it was time to say goodbye. Even though I was shocked and sad before Angel when they said they were wrapping up, that performance of Warrior left me completely satisfied. They all said thank you and waved and we were all waving goodbye too. In the end, Yongguk was shouting “Happy Easter!” (it was Easter Weekend) and Himchan said that it was his best birthday ever. 🙂 My seats were on the side of the exit, so I was really happy to be able to be one of the last people they waved goodbye to before leaving the stage. My arms got so tired from waving though.

You probably thought that was the end, BUT THERE’S MORE!

After the show as we were going back to the car, we saw this crowd of people standing outside and found out that they were waiting for the boys to come out and catch them going into their car. We (my sister and our three friends) thought “hey, when are we ever going to do something like this again?” so we waited with them! We were all standing there for around a half hour (and it was cold!), but we actually saw them! First was Zelo and Youngguk. They waved and Yongguk went in the car, but Zelo stayed outside and waved to us. He was also filming something, I’m guessing for “GO! BAP” or “BAP Attack.” He was standing so close to us! I could see his face!

Then Daehyun came out. He stayed out and waved for a little bit, but I felt so bad for him! He was wearing shorts and it was only like 40 degrees (F)! Finally Jongup, Youngjae and Himchan came out and we all sang Happy Birthday in Korean for Himchan. Before, while we were waving to Daehyun, I saw Himchan stick his head out of the door and wave to us. 😛 It was so surreal to see them there walking to the car, but it was a perfect end to an amazing experience.

While we were waiting there I was thinking about how this was my first time experiencing all of this while Korean fans get to do things like this all the time. It’s just crazy how we Chicagoans live in a completely different world from B.A.P, yet we were able to get a taste of Korean K-pop fandomhood in that one night. I was in such disbelief in the beginning that they were actually there, and didn’t really get used to the idea until Lovesick, the fourth song, but then by the end of the show, it was like they were good friends sharing an experience with us. It was incredible.

I love B.A.P so much more than I did before. I was so happy and honored and touched that they came all the way from Korea just to sing for us. I was cheering and screaming and clapping and jumping up and down – out of excitement of course, but also because I wanted them to see just how much we love and appreciate them. I want them to remember Chicago as a city with fans who truly love them.

I want to go up to Yongguk and just thank him. Thank him for giving us his all, for sharing his talent and energy and passion with us. For being an incredible human being. For leaving us with a good message. Their motto for the whole concert was that “Earth needs Love. Earth needs Passion. Earth needs Happiness. Earth needs Y-O-U.” The work that he does and the fact that he uses his fame to try to make a positive change in the world is so admirable.

I am so incredibly grateful for this experience.

Thank you God for giving me such an incredible experience and for allowing everything to work out. Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), we didn’t experience any troubles driving to and from the venue. That was the farthest I have ever driven without an “adult” in the car.

Thank you Powerhouse for bringing them back to the U.S. and acknowledging the Midwest. Thank you Star Plaza Theater for hosting them and for letting us watch them go back to their van. Thank you security guards for being so nice to us. Thank you T.S. Entertainment for putting B.A.P together and giving them their amazing songs and dances. Thank you for sending them to the US.

Thank you to my parents for letting me go and for trusting me to drive to Merrillville on my own. Thank you to my sister for coming with me. Seriously, I know that I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I did if she was not there with me. Thank you for taking so many pictures and videos and making them look good and focusing on Jongup. 😛 Thank you for capturing moments that I can look back on and remember.

Thank you B.A.P for putting on happy faces and for sincerely giving us an amazing show despite the tragedy going on back in South Korea. They really, really gave us their all. It can’t be easy being away from their country during this tough time and having to appear happy for their fans. I hope their smiles were all genuine and that they really enjoyed themselves. I hope they enjoyed the night just as much as we did. I hope they felt our appreciation. I hope they leave with nothing but fond memories of Chicago.

Thank you Chicago Babyz. I absolutely love how much of a community we created online. We were all fangirling and fanboying with each other, asking each other questions to prepare for the concert…A lot of what I knew going into the concert, like where the venue was, how to buy tickets, the seating chart and setlist, when the doors open, all came from people on Facebook. Thank you for coming together as a community, helping each other out in preparation for the concert. Thank you for being a respectful audience. Thank you to the people who put together the birthday surprise for Himchan. I think he really enjoyed it.

Picture time! Please credit me if you use these pictures.


Finally, thank YOU for making it to the end with me! I hope you enjoyed this sort of reliving the concert with me. Did any of you see B.A.P? Let me know if you posted any kind of fanaccount; I would love to read it!


8 thoughts on “B.A.P Live On Earth – My Complete Fanaccount

  1. Ahhhhh! Reading this post made me feel like I was there myself! Next impossible dream of mine: Go to a Kpop concert with minnomonmon.
    Sigh…I wish for the day that Kpop feels real to me.
    Great post!


  2. I loved to read your fan account! I felt like I was with you in the concert hall while reading it 🙂 Some Korean fans want to know how the chicago concert was going, so I translated your account in Korean and shared with them and the webpage is : http://blog.naver.com/verycoollime. Please let me know if you do not want it. Thank you for your detailed post I really enjoyed reading it! XD


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