Blogging from A to Z Day 25: YouTube Makes All of This Possible

Y is for YouTube!

yK-pop would not be what it is today without YouTube. Until recently with the introduction of Twitter, virtually all of my K-pop information came from YouTube. My first introduction to K-pop may have been through a friend, but I would not have been able to look into Super Junior and SHINee without YouTube.

I wouldn’t have discovered U-KISS. I wouldn’t have discovered GOT7. I wouldn’t have discovered the community of ELFs that form in the comments section whenever Super Junior releases a new music video.

Most of the variety shows I watch are on YouTube. Dailymotion has also been a huge resource, but it doesn’t have the same HD quality and viewer participation as YouTube. You can see from this blog just how much of my content comes from YouTube.

YouTube has made K-pop a global phenomenon. On After School Club, whenever the K-pop artist asks one of the Hangout guests how they discovered K-pop in such a foreign country, the answer is always YouTube.

So many people became K-pop fans because they clicked on a K-pop video that was trending on the home page of YouTube. Remember the whole “I Got A Boy” fiasco? Sure, SNSD got a lot of ignorant people hating on the video because they were looking for another “Gangnam Style,” but with every hater came a silent new fan who gave K-pop a chance and spread it even further.

Thanks to YouTube, the K-pop audience is no longer limited to Korea, or even to Asia. It is worldwide. So thank you YouTube. Thank you for allowing K-pop to spread as it has. Thank you for being a free platform for people of other cultures to interact and create and get to know one another.

Since we’re on the subject of youtube…

My YouTube Channel (Super Junior vids):

My Second YouTube Channel (VIXX/B.A.P/Other Kpop):

My Current Favorite Songs:

My Ear Candy Playlist:


What are your thoughts?

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