Blogging from A to Z Day 23: We Got Married

W is for We Got Married!

I feel like every K-pop fan has heard of We Got Married. I know it is one of the first variety shows that I ever heard of upon discovering K-pop.

teukso2It is a reality/variety show following pairs of celebrities as they simulate being married to each other. The couples receive “missions” that they have to complete, such as decorating their house, cooking dinner together, or taking a wedding photo shoot.

I started watching the show back in 2011 when Super Junior’s Leeteuk joined the show with Kang Sora. They were both so sweet with each other. It was so cute to see our leader all flustered in front of Sora, which leads into one of the reasons why I really like We Got Married. Since I’m more interested in the K-pop singer portion of K-Entertainment, I find it so cool to see these guys from K-pop groups acting on their own, without the context of the rest of their group, and seeing how they would act in a relationship. These entertainers always sing and rap about relationships and how they would make a good girlfriend or boyfriendteukso, so it’s interesting to see how they actually act when put in that situation and forced to act as themselves. Leeteuk in particular is always the confident leader of Super Junior who can talk his way through everything, so seeing him married to Sora exposed us to a completely different side of him. The only other time I have seen Leeteuk as speechless and vulnerable is when he appears on shows with his sister.

Other couples I have watched:

Julien Kang & Yoon Se-Ah (KangYoon)


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Oh Yeonseo (JoonSeo)


I really loved their season of We Got Married. This was also the season with ZE:A’s Kwanghee & SECRET’s Sunhwa. They had a sort of “We Got Married Village” where every few episodes all three couples would do things together. It was a lot of fun seeing the couples interact with each other and see how different of relationship each couple had. I really hope they do the village thing again.

I really like the nicknames the couples give each other on the show. Whenever I think of Yoon Se-Ah, I can never remember her name because to me, she is always “Cherry.”

Sidenote: Julien teaching Se-Ah how to speak English was the most hilarious thing ever.

2AM’s Jinwoon & Go Junhee (JinHee)


I had originally planned on skipping their segments of the show, but through accidentally seeing previews for their next episodes, I found myself hooked on them. Of all of the couples I have seen, they have acted the most naturally around each other.

SHINee’s Taemin & APink’s Naeun (TaeEun/Taeun)


I think we can all agree that these two acted more like dating than being married. They are both way too young to even know how to act married to each other. However, that didn’t stop me from loving their segment. They really acted like a couple of kids in love, which was adorable to watch. The most heartwarming thing for me was seeing the transformation of them being thrown into an incredibly awkward situation at the beginning of the show, and then coming out of it as close friends. I’m sure they did genuinely have feelings for each other, but honestly their friendship was the cutest and most genuine thing about them. I can’t wait to see more TaeEun interactions in the future.

Jung Joonyoung & Jung Yoomi (Jung-Jung/PocaGuri)


2PM’s Wooyoung & Park Seyoung (2Young)


These are the two couples who I am currently watching. Jung-Jung is just the best. I already wrote a post about them earlier this month, so you can check that out. As for Wooyoung and Seyoung, they haven’t been on the show for very long, so their relationship is still developing, but seeing Jang Wooyoung try to act all cool and in control and then unconsciously pout and do aegyo is the cutest thing ever.

So far, I am pretty happy with the current lineup of couples on the show. We Got Married was really beginning to frustrate me when they would seemingly constantly be switching out couples. The Jung-Jung couple has been on for quite some time, and I really hope they don’t get cancelled any time soon. TeukSo and JoonSeo, and TaeEun really missed out on potentially amazing relationships because their segments were cut short, especially TeukSo. They had barely even gotten out of their awkward phase before they had to end. To be honest, having Leeteuk start a show like that knowing he would have to leave for the military was not smart at all. (Seriously, unless you’re a fan of Leeteuk or Sora, I would not recommend watching their episodes. They are so awkward with each other until literally the last couple of episodes.)

My favorite couple on this show is hands down Joonyoung and Yoomi, just because of how utterly opposite and hilarious they are together. After them would probably be Joon and Yeonseo. They were just really cute together. I was absolutely crushed when their segment was cancelled.

There have been a couple of spin-offs of We Got Married, and I have to say that Global We Got Married is an incredibly creative idea. It is exactly the same as the original show, but the couples are from different countries and speak different languages. It just adds a whole new twist to the show. It’s really interesting to see how these couples get over the language barrier. Plus it’s all spoken/subtitled in English! I just started the new season with Heechul and Key yesterday and I am loving it!

If anyone ever wants to watch We Got Married with English subtitles, most of the episodes are on

Question of the Day:

Do you watch We Got Married? Who are your favorite couples and why?


What are your thoughts?

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