Blogging from A to Z Day 22: VIXX

V is for VIXX!

vYou probably noticed that I spent a lot of this month talking about VIXX. F for Fanfiction, K for Ken, M for MyDol, N for N, O for OTPs, and I even used their picture in A for After School Club.

To be honest, I had only planned on dedicating this one post to VIXX for this month, but they just kept popping up in my other posts, somewhat out of my control.

Starting around Winter Break (December 2013/January 2014) I started what I thought was just a VIXX phase, but it is no longer just a phase. Through learning more and more about them, they have become one of my favorite groups.

While I am slightly ashamed that I’ve probably talked more about VIXX on this blog than my beloved Super Junior, you have to understand why I have so much to say about VIXX.

There is just so much to them. I mentioned this in my OTPs post, but the relationship and dynamic between the members is just incredible. tumblr_maubiq2lgj1rxvwdzo1_500They are all, and I mean all, so super close to each other. There is a five year age difference between the oldest and youngest member, but in some ways the age difference makes them seem even more like a family than just a music group. You can literally find videos on every single ship combination among these six members. Through watching their MTV diary segments and all 96 episodes of VIXX TV, I have grown to absolutely love every single member in the group, which is rare for me. They are all so different from one another, and each loveable and charming in their own ways.

If you like those couple/ship videos, Vidoublex Starlight has some really cute ones.

Now their songs do have a clear style to them. Fortunately for me, I really like that style. Of course they are versatile in their styles, hip hop and B.A.P style K-pop the only genres I really can’t imagine them doing, but there is a distinct sound that I hear in the majority of VIXX songs. You can watch their music videos to get a sense of their style, but I want to share two of my favorite VIXX songs:

Light Me Up. This is one of my favorite songs in general. The lyrics were actually written by Ravi, the rapper, which is impressive because the lyrics themselves are really cool and mysterious.

Don’t Want to Be an Idol. This is one heartbreaking song. It is a duet between Ken and Leo, and they sing it beautifully. I recently found out that the lyrics are actually based on Ken’s life when he first became a trainee, which just makes it all the more meaningful and sad.

Of course, the very first thing that caught my eye about VIXX is their incredible dancing ability. This is something that I have actually been wanting to talk about for months, since their Hyde comeback almost a year ago. They are really one of the best, if not Vixx Hyde Voodoo GR8U DanceTHE best, dance group in K-pop. Again, I have been thinking this way before I actually got into VIXX. Their choreography, the precision, synchronization, and just the way they move as a unit instead of individual dancers is stunning. I am actually going to write an entire blog post about their dance skill after this whole A to Z month is over, because it is really worth its own post. I will leave you for now with what I think is their best dance ever, and my personal choice as the best K-pop dance of 2013:

I would say VIXX is incredibly underrated, but they did gain a lot of popularity with Voodoo Doll last year. I’m actually surprised at how many people know them and like them. However, I do think they deserve a lot more recognition for their actual singing and dancing talent. Also, there is a whole other side to them when they aren’t on stage singing that is overlooked. If anyone is looking for a new group to get into, I promise, VIXX will not disappoint. They are too entertaining. Plan V Diary is a great show to start with. In my opinion, it’s the most entertaining. This is one of my favorite VIXX moments from episode 5:

We’re almost at the end of the alphabet!


What are your thoughts?

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