AKMU “Melted” Music Video Review

It’s been a while since I cried while watching a music video.


This song is simply beautiful. First of all, Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun’s voices sound amazing together. Certain parts of the song have such delicate and careful singing that just blow me away. The emotion is felt easily through the vocals. I love the melody of this song. Each line flows right into the next so that you can’t help but let yourself flow along with it until the very end. It’s really a very well-written song. The beginning is a tad slow, but as soon as they start singing together, it is a joy to listen to until the very end.

Score: 4.9/5

Video – Story

Summary: We see this kid, who I shall call Hitchhiker, standing on the side of the road trying to get a ride. A man picks him up, but shortly kicks him out of the car when Hitchhiker starts taking pictures of things around the car. Hitchhiker finds himself in a park, watching people around him fight over race and property, taking pictures of everything. A woman sees him and invites him into her car and they have fun, taking pictures and talking. The woman takes him to a bar, and while he is passed out, leaves him. He runs out, but the bar manager follows him, demanding that he pays, breaking Hitchhiker’s camera in the process and beating him up. Hitchhiker is then taken to the police station, where he is surrounded by criminals and druggies, clearly way in over his head, yet no one will listen to him and let him explain himself. In the end, Hitchhiker is walking alone with nothing except his broken camera. He runs into a dog, but even the innocent animal barks angrily at him, and Hitchhiker loses it, screaming right back at the dog. The dog’s owner comes out and takes Hitchhiker in. He serves Hitchhiker something warm to drink and fixes the camera, finally showing Hitchhiker genuine kindness.

Comments: Even though it has a happy ending, this is an incredibly heartbreaking story. While at the heart of it, it tells the story about a kid who just needs a friend, it also sheds to light tragic truths about our society. In living by the motto “every man for himself” and getting caught up in prejudices, we end up neglecting those who truly need companionship.

Score: 5/5

Video – Cinematography

The care and craft in putting this video together is amazing. Embedded throughout the main plot are these little details that bring forward subtle, but important messages. Two innocent kids who just want to play together but cannot due to their parents’ racial prejudices, a boy who is reduced to animalistic behavior after being shunned by not only humans around him, but even an innocent animal. What has our world come to when two homeless men are fighting over the ownership of garbage? One of the most symbolic messages for me is the fact that in the end, it is a Native American man who finally takes Hitchhiker in and shows him warmth. While this kid has been pushed around and taken advantage of in one story, the entire Native American population has faced the exact same cruelty through having their homes being ripped away from them and then being treated as foreigners on that same land.

More specific to editing decisions, I really like how we saw the story not only from Hitchhiker’s view, but also from the perspectives of the different people he meets. It reflects the fact that even though we may be only focusing on our own hardships, everyone has their own stories and struggles.

Throughout the video, in the midst of Hitchhiker’s story, we see images of CEO-type man looking out of his office and drinking an icy drink. In the end, he puts the drink down next to the camera. In those final seconds of the video, it is revealed to us that the successful businessman is in fact a grown up Hitchhiker. Because of one kind person picking him up when he reached rock bottom, he was able to grow up from having nothing to living a life of financial success. If you ever want to make a video more dramatic, turn the whole thing into a flashback. It works every time.

Score: 5/5


All of the outfits in this were realistic for the characters and the story. The oversized and ragged clothing they give Hitchhiker really gives him a sympathetic and innocent image. Since these are not “costumes” like other music videos, I don’t really have a lot to say about the wardrobe.

I’m not sure if this counts as part of “wardrobe,” but I’m really impressed with all of the racial diversity in this video. It wasn’t like one of those commercials where they have the stock Asian character and stock African character in the midst of all of the Caucasian people. The diversity of the characters was not just to be “politically” correct. The director used the variety of people to add more meaning to the story. The fact that the main character himself is of mixed race reflects even more how he just cannot seem to fit in.

Score: 5/5

Overall, I absolutely loved this video. Those couple tiny mistakes were completely forgivable considering the overall power and impact of the video. I’m not sure how applicable this is to other parts of the world, but here in the US, the story and all of the subtle messages were extremely relatable. In the end, we all just want the warmth of a friend in this cold world.

Overall Final Score: 5/5

My first perfect score ever! For even more analysis on the story, check out this post I found on tumblr.

Question of the Day:

What part of the video spoke most to you? And those of you from countries outside of North America, could you relate to the political points made in the video (of race and the homeless…)?


2 thoughts on “AKMU “Melted” Music Video Review

  1. This video destroyed me internally so. It captured so much rawness and truth in the society that we live in and perfectly personified what we humans are faced with. I cried immensely in trying to find a way to understand the character in the video and I just didn’t know how to feel except… to feel.
    One of the best videos I’ve seen thus far and an amazing composition from a young and talented duo.

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