Blogging from A to Z Day 17: Queens of K-pop

Q is for Queen!

qI admit, I spend a lot of this time talking about male groups and singers on this blog. To be honest, I am really not all that interested in the majority of female K-pop artists. The way they are marketed is just not for me. Too often I see females being marketed for their body and sexuality, and not their vocal or dance talent.

But as always, there are exceptions. There are three particular women who inspire me, captivate me, and put all other female artists in their shadow. They demand attention, not for their revealing outfits or the seductive poses they make on stage, but for their utter talent at singing and dancing. They are the Queens of K-pop.


boABased on experience and her dancing and vocal ability combined, she is arguably THE Queen of K-pop. She can do a variety of song styles, from emotional ballads to upbeat dance songs to mysterious pieces. She is confident, and her live stages are no joke. Everyone in S.M. wants to be her, and for good reason. Singing and dancing at the same time is difficult for anyone, yet she does both better than most.

Her movie, Make Your Move, with Derek Hough just came out yesterday in the U.S! I haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t say how good it is, but yay! I really hope it ends up being successful. Go see it and show her support!


hyorinIt took some time for Hyorin to grow on me, but now that I have seen what she can do with her voice, I love her. I actually first became a fan of her from Hello Baby when she showed that she was, in my opinion, the best mom in SISTAR. Now that I know her as a singer, I am incredibly impressed. She has the most precious voice. I can’t believe how she can steadily keep such a delicate voice going for the entire song. It is incredible.


aileeThere is way too much to love about Ailee. Her voice is absolutely amazing. The very first time I heard her sing live, I instantly became a fan. She has an incredibly strong and beautiful voice. She is like the female version of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – her voice can literally do no wrong. Yet on top of everything, she is an incredibly humble person. She is my ultimate female bias.

At the risk of using a song that everyone is probably sick of by this point, I want to end with this video of Hyorin and Ailee singing the Korean version of “Let It Go.” Yes, this song has been sung and remade and talked about over and over and over, but this duet is really beautiful and shows off the vocal talent of these two Queens extremely well.



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