Blogging from A to Z Day 15: My OTPs

O is for OTP!


OTP stands for “One True Pairing,” which is the pair of people who you want to be in a relationship together or who you just love their pairing.

It’s impossible to be into K-pop and avoid all of the bromances. I personally love it. It’s a real shame how here in the West, it is so discouraged for two straight men to be affectionate with each other. Asians on the other hand (Koreans, Indians, etc.) have no problem with this, and neither do I! Yes, it is possible for two men to hold hands or hug each other as a sign of their friendship.

There are so many K-pop pairs who seem to ship themselves, whether it be because they are genuinely best friends or because they know how much the fans love it. In the following list, I’ll be sharing with you all of my favorite OTPs/bromances. (And for me, it’s always best friends. I have never once thought that any of these people are doing it out of actual romantic feelings.)

Note: this list is very biased to the groups I like: Super Junior, BTOB, EXO, and VIXX.

BTOB’s Minhyuk and VIXX’s N

nhyukHooray for inter-group friendships! Can I just point out that these two were on a dating show, but the whole time they were just hanging out with each other, and seemed to enjoy each other’s company more than the girls on the show. I’m pretty sure they even made a joke on the show about how they would choose each other instead of one of the girls. The fact that they are still close after shooting the show just makes me so happy. 🙂 (Sidenote: Minhyuk recently made a funny comment about N. Check it out!)

EXO’s D.O. and Super Junior’s Ryeowook

dowookThey are both the cute little vocalists of their groups. It’s adorable how Ryeowook is like a big brother to all of the EXO members, and I can totally see D.O. latching on to Ryeowook. Their interactions on Sukira are too cute.

EXO’s Chen and Baekhyun

baekchenSomeone on tumblr nicknamed them the “sassy couple” which is too perfect. They are both probably the sassiest, biggest trolls in EXO, and together, they become the terrible two. When they get together, you know you’re in for something entertaining.

Check out this funny moment from EXO Showtime: Suho mentions that he wants to learn martial arts and when Tao says that he’ll help Suho, Chen and Baekhyun swoop in for the kill.


BTOB’s Hyunsik and Ilhoon

hyunhoonThey are the fan-service couple. I don’t think there is any special relationship they have with each other more than they do with the other members of BTOB, but they know just how much fans love a good bromance, and the way they play it up in pictures and videos is hilarious. Ilhoon’s face in this pic: “Love the HyunHoon. Live the HyunHoon.”

VIXX’s Leo and Ken

KeoThis is my favorite VIXX pairing, because while Ken and Leo have similar talents when it comes to singing, their personalities couldn’t be any more different. Ken is the loudest, most obnoxious member of the group, and Leo is the quietest and most reserved. For some reason (opposites attract?), Ken loves bugging his Leo-hyung. And for some reason, Leo tolerates it. It’s a relationship deeper than words.

To be honest, every single pairing in VIXX is special. I love that they all have such a close relationship with each other. It’s something I have never seen with any other group.

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk

eunhaeThis is really my ONE true pairing. I have never seen two closer best friends in K-pop. They were already super close before debuting, and being together in a group seems to have only made them closer.

2003-2012I actually made a fan video of them a few years ago:

(Wow, I just realized that I made this four whole years ago! Time flies…)

Now for the boy/girl couples. These couples I would actually love if they got together for real. They are just too cute together!

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang Sora

teuksoThey were the reason I started watching We Got Married. They were just too cute. Obviously I already loved Leeteuk, and I grew to really love Kang Sora in this. She is so sweet! She brought out a side of Leeteuk we fans have never seen before. Just look at the way he looks at her. Our leader needs to get married, and she would be the perfect wife for him. ❤

N and Two X’s Eunyoung

nyoung2I started watching Romancing the Idol because of Minhyuk and I really didn’t know who N or Eunyoung were at all in the beginning. By the finale however, I found myself rooting for them to be together more than any other couple on the show. I totally fell in love with Eunyoung through watching her and her adorably quirky, funny personality. These two were supposed to be the one stable couple on the show, and then N went and ruined it all. I will never forgive him for this.

(After this show aired, these two were actually on another variety show and they made a ton of jokes about their relationship. In the end, Eunyoung got to shatter a bowl against N’s head to get back at him. Revenge is sweet, hehehe.)

Gosh, I had way too much fun with this post.

To end, I saw this gif while looking for ChenBaek pictures, and it’s too good not to share. Look at that SASS!



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