Blogging from A to Z Day 14: N

N is for N!


Sidenote: Literally every single picture that comes up of N is taken at this angle. He clearly has a "good side" :P

Sidenote: Literally every single picture that comes up on google of N is taken at this angle. He clearly has a “good side” 😛

No, not N the letter, but N the person! His birth name is Cha Hakyeon and he is the leader of VIXX.

And he is one of the best group leaders out there. I know everyone says that about their favorite group’s leader, but you know that Super Junior is my favorite group, not VIXX. Leeteuk is obviously an amazing leader, but N does have something that Leeteuk lacks.

N really cares about the other members of VIXX. Of course Leeteuk does too, in ways other group leaders definitely do not, but N shows it more.

In every single variety show I’ve seen with VIXX, N is always trying to include the other members in whatever activity they are currently doing. Leo in particular is on the quieter and more reserved side, and N is always keeping an eye on him, bringing him into the spotlight after a period of him being particularly quiet.

In addition, if you watch VIXX enough, you will notice that N really acts like a mom to the members. Not a fake character mom like Minhyuk is to BTOB, but like the real caretaker of the dorm. In that MTV diary episode of VIXX I posted last week, VIXX reminds Hyuk that he has school the next day and that he should go to bed. In one of the VIXX TV episodes, when Leo’s leg is hurt and in a cast, N adorably comes up from behind and hugs Leo, asking how he is feeling. The way he does it is also hilarious because of my next point:

While he is caring, N makes sure his authority as leader is always maintained. I have to admit that I have never seen a leader more violent toward his other members than N. If they disrespect him in any way, N will dramatically hit their neck, never enough to actually hurt them, but hard enough that they know to avoid his wrath.

This is one of my favorite videos of VIXX ever. You can see just how funny of a relationship N has with his dongsaengs. The whole video is entertaining, but the real fun starts at 2:49. Don’t be intimidated by the length of the video. The interview part only takes up the first five minutes:

Who is your favorite group leader?


10 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Day 14: N

  1. N bothering Leo all the time reminds me of the many times I was mad at my parents for making me do stuff….just to realize that it is the best thing they could have done for my sake:) You cannot get anymore “momish” than N but I guess Leo has not come to appreciate him yet XD
    I never realized but you are so right about everything you said about N’s authority- the members do not fear him but it seems like they genuinely respect him. But then again will they ever stop picking on his skin tone :/


    1. Oh God, the skin tone thing makes me so sad. That is the one thing I don’t like about VIXX, how they make so many comments on appearance, like N being too dark or Ken’s nose being too big or how Hongbin is so “perfect” because he is good looking. 😦

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      1. Oh my gosh same. It makes me sad, in a video N shows that he has skin lightening creams and I’m just like nooo. None of them have to change the way they look.
        Also I just found your blog and I love it. I really like how you do your reviews and reactions! 😀

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