Blogging from A to Z Day 13: MyDol

M is for MyDol!

mMyDol is a reality show that aired back in 2012 about the debut of VIXX. It followed the trainees who were potentially going to be in VIXX and then the VIXX members as they prepared for their debut.

This is a really cool show. We always hear in interviews about artists talking about their trainee life, how difficult it was, and how hard they worked to debut. This show actually shows us a glimpse of what that time was like for the VIXX members.

mydolOriginally, there were 10 people being considered to be in Jellyfish Entertainment’s new group, and through different challenges and auditions, the people at Jellyfish chose the final six members who we now know as VIXX.

Even though we know who the final six were, I found myself rooting for other four trainees who were eventually kicked out. Two of them were actually picked up by other companies and have debuted, which is a relief. (One of them is in ToppDogg!) I was surprised at how attached I became to the other four trainees. I love the current group of VIXX, and I honestly can’t imagine any of the current members not being in the group, but my heart ached for those members who did not make the final cut. They all work extremely hard.

You really learn to appreciate the sacrifices these people make to get to where they are now. MyDol shows in particular how difficult of a time Hyuk had as a trainee. It’s also amazing to see how awkward the members were with each other compared to how close they are now. They act differently then too. As trainees, they weren’t used to being in the spotlight so they were more open in front of the camera in what they would say and how they would act. Leo in particular was much less self-conscious back then.

It’s a really short show with only eight 40-minute episodes, but it’s an interesting program to watch. If you are a fan of VIXX, or you’re just interested in what trainee life is like, I definitely recommend watching MyDol. It might change the way you see VIXX.

(I haven’t watch YG’s Winner show, so I don’t know how similar these two shows are, but I’m guessing they are slightly similar?)

We’re already halfway done with April! This is going by so fast!


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