Blogging from A to Z Day 12: Leeteuk

L is for Leeteuk!

lI miss him so much. Seriously, I miss him so much.

For those of you who don’t know, Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, is currently serving in the military. He has been gone since October of 2012.

Super Junior just isn’t Super Junior without their LeaderTeuk. Every member who leaves for the military takes a part oTeeukie-leeteuk-3-33077287-1200-1000f Super Junior with them, but Leeteuk is different.

You all know by now that Donghae and Eunhyuk are my favorites in SuJu. Well, Leeteuk is right after them. In a group of 13/15 members, 3rd place is pretty darn high.

I miss his voice. He has such a unique voice and it’s one of my favorites in Super Junior. His lines in Sexy, Free, and Single and Spy did not do him justice.

I miss how his eyes always manage to find the camera in their performances. I noticed back in the Bonamana days – he always knows where the camera is. It’s funny because you can see him looking around and then when his eyes land on the camera, he immediately replaces that initial confusion with blazing charisma. Leeteuk is the blonde one without sunglasses:

I miss his laugh. His laugh. His laugh. I made an entire playlist on youtube of all of the videos I come across of him laughing his hilarious Elmo laugh. I have gotten cramps laughing along to his laugh. That and his Engrish:

I miss his dimply smile. His smile can light up a room, and those dimples are what make him Leeteuk. I knew I loved him when I watched the video for Victory Korea. His energy and happiness and singing are perfect (He’s the blonde one):

I miss his love. His love for the other members and his love for the fans. I miss watching videos of their concerts and seeing him cry out of love.

104 days left and counting until uri Leadernim returns!

Plus when Teukie comes back, Super Junior will finally have a new album! I am so Super Junior deprived these days…


What are your thoughts?

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