Blogging from A to Z Day 11: Ken!

K is for Ken!

KkenHe is my current obsession. This is a perfect example of when personality wins over looks.

Hongbin is my bias in VIXX. As soon as I learned all of the members’ names, he became my favorite. Hey, he isn’t known as VIXX’s “visual” for nothing. Ken on the other hand…I’m sorry, but when I first saw him in on and onVIXX’s “On and On” video, I thought he was weird looking.

Yet through watching videos of VIXX online, Ken has grown from being my least favorite in VIXX to second favorite, right behind Hongbin.

Sometimes he steals my attention completely.

His personality is just so much fun! He is always so incredibly energetic in front of the camera and never fails to make me laugh. Just watch one episode of VIXX TV and Ken will easily be the most entertaining person in the video. He is such a character, and there are so many aspects to his personality that it’s simply too much to put into words. So, I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

One of my favorite Ken moments is from VIXX’s MTV Diary. After watching Spiderman, Ken gets so into the movie that he pretends to be Spiderman for the entire car ride home and even after they get back to the dorm he stays in character. One of the comments of the video describes it perfectly: “I don’t know what drug they gave Ken before the car ride home, but I want to try it.”

As if that wasn’t enough reason to love him, it gets better.

Not only is he crazy, fun, and entertaining in his personality, but when it’s time to sing, he totally transforms to a serious, sensitive, and charismatic singer on stage. He is one of the main vocalists in VIXX, and he totally deserves that title.

You can see the transformation from funny to captivating in just one video:

That voice! It’s one thing for a K-pop star to be entertaining and good at variety shows, but to see them have a beautiful voice at the same time is rare, and Ken absolutely has a voice that will take him far. Knowing his crazy personality, it’s so hard to believe he is the same person singing with such a delicate voice in the following video. Ken is the blonde one:

I have been so excited since the beginning of the month to write this post about Ken, and now that it’s done, I don’t feel like I did him justice. There is just so much to his personality, little quirks of his here and there on top of the obvious craziness and talent, that it’s difficult to get everything in just one post.

I actually made a video about Ken a couple of months ago. It does the best at summing up exactly why he is so loveable:

Hope you enjoy! Are any of you fans of Ken? What’s your favorite thing about him?


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