Blogging from A to Z Day 9: INFINITE

I is for INFINITE!


I have a problem.

I didn’t think it was a problem until maybe last year.

There are hundreds of K-pop groups out there, and we all know who the big ones are. Of these big, super popular K-pop groups, even if I’m not a fan of them, I can always find something to make me like them or at least respect them.

I haven’t found that with INFINITE.


I would definitely consider INFINITE as one of those super popular groups. They aren’t at Big Bang/Super Junior level, but they are up there with MBLAQ and B2ST. They’ve been around for a while, and they have a lot of fans. Whenever an INFINITE music video comes out, my youtube and twitter feed explode with excitement.

Meanwhile I just sit here. Not excited.

Is there something about them that I’m missing? I’ve seen a lot of their music videos, and their sound just doesn’t do it for me. I like “Before that Dawn” and “Destmyungsooiny,” but I didn’t like “The Chaser” or “Man in Love,” two songs and videos that everyone seemed to go crazy for.

Of course they have talent. Myungsoo is a great actor (and ridiculously handsome), and Sunggyu and Woohyun both have really great voices.Even Hoya made me fangirl a bit in “Destiny.” In general though, the videos and songs that they end up coming out with just don’t get me excited.

I’m not writing this post to hate on INFINITE, and my intention is absolutely NOT to offend them or any of their fans. I’m writing this to pose an honest and sincere question: What’s the big deal about INFINITE? If you are a fan of them, why? What makes them special? What am I missing? I really want to join in on the excitement with other Inspirits, but I still haven’t found a reason to yet.


2 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Day 9: INFINITE

  1. Hey, first off, thank you for writing your post respectfully. Not enough credit is given to writers when it’s very easy to melt into a puddle of gloopy hate.
    As for Infinite, I like their “sound”. They have a very unique style that fits all their major releases. Like a, slight funk/80s action vibe to it. Plus their chroregraphy always blows my mind.
    Great post!


  2. Yea its ok to not find charming points with all the bands out there i mean people have different tastes with everything.As for Infinite i wasnt a fan of their music either.It is a given that they have amazing vocalists and are always praised for their stunning lives.Maybe their kind of music is not everyone’s cup of tea.But there is another thing.Just watch one of their variety shows.You will see what makes them so special. Trust me even i had little idea abt them but once i got to know more i couldnt help but admire their refreshingly candid personalities that shines even more when the seven are together.No offence but for me I have yet to see another band where the bond between members is so damn solid and strong.Take my word on this bcz i have been here in the kpop world long enough to say confidently that Infinite are a bunch of people you wont regret stanning.Just give it a go.On a side not I am an Elf too and Infinite on varieties reminds me so much of SJ.

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