Blogging from A to Z Day 8: Hello Baby

H is for Hello Baby!

hHello Baby is the best show K-pop has come out with.

Yeah, I said it.

b1a4It is a variety/reality show where different K-pop groups take care of a baby or little kid for something like 100 days. There have been 7 seasons, one group for each season: Girls’ Generation, SHINee, T-ara, SISTAR (with Leeteuk), MBLAQ, B1A4, and Boyfriend.

I watched all of SHINee, SISTAR, and MBLAQ , and I’ve started Girls’ Generation and B1A4.

Cutest moment on SHINee's season. Key comes back after a few episodes and Yugeum shows how much he missed him.

Cutest moment on SHINee’s season. Key comes back after a few episodes and Yugeun shows how much he missed him.

Of the seasons I watched, I absolutely love this show. When do we get to see these hot shot K-pop celebrities interact with kids? It is the most adorable thing in the world to see Minho of SHINee speak baby-talk to their “son” or watch Thunder of MBLAQ comfort his “son” when he cries.

It is also incredibly interesting to see how each of these artists raise and discipline their kids, and the differences that come up between each member.

For every season of this show that I watch, I always cry in the last episode when they say goodbye to the kids. All of them grow so attached to the kids they raise that just warms my heart. So far, MBLAQ’s season has been my favorite. Watching Hello Baby is really what made me love MBLAQ. I said this in one of my videos, but Hello Baby will really make you love every member of any group that goes on that show.

Lee Joon freaking out because he made Leo cry

Lee Joon freaking out because he made Leo cry

I am a little concerned that it’s been over a year since the last season. Does anyone know what’s going on? Has the show been cancelled? I really hope not. I’d love to see every group eventually go on that show. (I’m really hoping for a VIXX or BTS season) Super Junior is probably too old by now to be on, so I’ll just forever be replaying Leeteuk’s season and when they appeared on SHINee’s and SISTAR’s season.


4 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Day 8: Hello Baby

  1. I watched Shinee’s” Hello Baby” and LOVED it!!!!!!!!! I watched some of MBLAQ, B1A4 and Boyfriends… But they weren’t as good as Shinee’s season… I think Shinee ruined it for me… THe guys were just so cute… Men taking care of babes are ten times sexier in my eyes…


    1. SHINee is my favorite after MBLAQ. At least out of the seasons I watched, SHINee seemed to have spent the most time with the baby, since they lived in that house together. I like MBLAQ more because they did more of actually raising the kids and teaching them morals and things.


      1. I think Shinee had it easier since they only had one kid to take care of… I watched the first few episodes of MBLAQ’s…. I stopped watching after they went to the water park… I might have to go back and watch their Hello Baby…


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