Blogging from A to Z Day 7: GOT7


G is for GOT7!

JYP really knows how to pick them. There are so many incredibly good-looking and really likeable members in this group. I’ve never had such a hard time picking one bias before. Since they only have one album, there isn’t a whole lot for me to talk about music-wise, so let’s focus on my thoughts on each member. I put them in ascending order of my favorites, starting with my least favorite and ending with my bias.



I have nothing against Yugyeom. The only reason he is in last place is because frankly, I haven’t seen enough of him to find anything that I like. He doesn’t really stand out in Girls Girls Girls, partly because he doesn’t have a whole lot of lines, and all I know about him in REAL GOT7 is that he’s an adorably sensitive maknae. (That was adorable when they tricked him and he cries into JB’s shoulder “Why would you guys do that to me?!” Too cute! I was a puddle of feels.)



Jr. and I have had such a conflicted relationship. He’s not my bias, but sometimes he does things that make me forget that there is anyone else in GOT7. This started from when he was in JJ Project. For starters, he’s one damn good performer. Whether it’s rapping or singing, he puts his all and performs with such consistency. He also has such a funny and cute smile. Like when he’s happy, it looks like nothing in the world could take that smile off of his face. Seriously, his smile is the most contagious thing in the world.



I didn’t really have any opinions about Youngjae at first. He and poor Yugyeom always remained in the background for me, but the more I see of Youngjae, the more I like him. He could very well move up this list in the near future. First of all, I love his voice. In Girls Girls Girls, in the end when he’s doing the adlibs, the way he sings them totally grabbed my attention. His voice is so…soulful? Is that the right word? I don’t know, that style of singing was just so unexpected and sounds so good to my ears. He also has a really cute laugh and smile. I’ve been noticing that more and more in their REAL GOT7 episodes. His English is also just hilarious.



Ever since I first laid eyes on him in JJ Project’s “Bounce” music video, I knew I would love him. He is such a cutie as well as super handsome. He’s also a really cute leader. “Leaders” tend to have the reputation of being bossy and authoritative in a group, but from what I’ve seen, JB is just another one of the guys and loves to have fun as much as (and maybe even more) than the rest of them. At the same time, he is caring, like in the Yugyeom secret camera video. Not to mention that he is a great singer with amazing stage presence. I totally expected him to be my bias when GOT7 debuted, but then three of the new members completely took me by surprise:

Yup. AmeriThaiKong is my bias group. 😉




Every group needs a Jackson. He’s like MBLAQ’s Mir – someone with one of those personalities you just don’t find anywhere else. He is absolutely hilarious. I’ve noticed that Koreans don’t use as much sarcasm as entertainers here in the States do, but Jackson is so full of sarcasm and I love it. It’s so hard to describe, but just the way he says things, the facial expressions he makes, and the fact that he willingly forfeits a perfect, charismatic appearance on camera for the sake of comedy, is why I love him so much. I didn’t really think much of him at first because I didn’t find him that physically attractive, but the more I see of his personality, the more I love him. With a personality like that, and the talent he has as a rapper and sinjacksonhigager, he is definitely going to go far.

And please tell me I’m not the only person who thinks he sometimes looks like Ryan Higa. Seriously, every time he smiles, or makes particular facial expressions, I see Ryan.



He’s one of those people who just creeps his way up your bias list and before you know it, he’s at the top. He’s from America! Yay! 🙂 I’ll admit, the fact that he speaks English is what grabbed my attention first. I always find myself gravitating towards the American K-poppers, probably because I feel that connection of being from the same country as them. He’s also close to my age, which just gives me even more of a connection to him. He literally has the whole package. Handsome, cute, athletic, humble, smart… the list could go on and on.

Watch Real GOT7 episode 10. Mark makes the best faces <3

Sometimes Mark just makes the best faces ❤ (Real GOT7 episode 10)



BamBam is just the definition of cute. He doesn’t even have to do anything. Show me any picture or video of Bambam and I just die of cuteness. Everything he does, the way he talks, the way he looks…it’s just too adorable. If an American rapper saw a picture of him with the title “rapper” under it, they probably wouldn’t believe it, but Bambam can actually rap! While he looks adorable, he can also pull off the cool rapper image and is pretty skilled in rapping.







I tried looking for one representative picture of him, but it’s impossible to choose just one. I just want to put him in my pocket and keep him forever. ❤

Seriously, if you haven’t seen Real GOT7, you have to now. Most of my loving them has come from watching that. Do it!


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