Blogging from A to Z Day 6: Fanfiction. It’s Brilliant.

F is for Fanfiction!

Fanfiction is brilliant. Simply BRILLIANT.

We all have the books and movies and TV shows that we love, but there are always those moments where we wish something different in the story would have happened, or we wish we could have seen more of a particular relationship in a story. That’s where fanfiction comes in. Fans write their own stories based on existing stories, using the characters or the world of their favorite works of fiction and write their own versions of the story. When it comes to fanfiction of celebrities, fanfiction is simply a person’s own story using existing celebrities as their characters.

I have been reading fanfiction for as long as I can remember. Before I even knew what K-pop was, I was already deep into reading fanfiction of Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Twilight, The Jonas Brothers…basically anything I was into back then I would read fanfiction about it. I even wrote some fanfiction myself.

Flash forward years later after discovering K-pop, finding out that there was fanfiction about K-pop singers opened yet another door of my beloved fanfiction.

When we read the official interviews, vlogs, music videos, and TV shows, we only see as much of these artists as their company wants us to see. We only see their public image. What about what happens behind the scenes? How do they act when the cameras are off? We will never know the answer to this question, but fanfiction allows our minds to explore the possibilities. When written well, fanfiction stories can give us infinitely more information about our beloved artists and infinitely more ways of watching them and loving them.

Now, since it is fans and not “professionals” writing these stories, it can be very difficult to find the really good stories. All too often I come across an incredibly good idea, but the writing style or the grammar is just so bad that I leave the story disappointed. It’s a struggle to find the really good stories, but once you do find them, it is all worth it.

I’d like to end with a list of my favorite K-pop fanfiction stories. I only really read Super Junior, EXO, and VIXX fanfiction (occasionally BTOB), so the range of characters is pretty limited in this list. Sorry! (These are all so good though. I love every single one of these and totally recommend them.)


101 Sins to commit in a K-pop Fanfiction: This is just hilarious. The title pretty much says it all. Anything that ever annoyed you about fanfiction is probably somewhere in this extensive list.

Super Junior and Siblings (Alex, Uki, and Void):

Raising Hell

Living with Famous Idiots

The Emotional Roller Coaster I Call Life with Super Junior

I’m not sure who started this whole thing, but these three stories basically take place within the same world, where Heechul has a brother named Void, Donghae has a sister named Alex, and Siwon has a sister named Uki. Each story focuses on one of these siblings respectively as they move in with Super Junior and cause chaos. They are one of the first K-pop fanfics I have read and each one is so addicting!

Super Junior:

Kyuhyun…It’s Been Hard on You: This is the best fanfic I have ever read. This author definitely did his/her research. It’s about Kyuhyun when he first joins Super Junior and it is seriously like a novel about Super Junior’s beginnings. Every ELF should read this.

Librarian Love: This story is actually still in progress, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s about an OC (the author’s original character) and Eunhyuk and their love story. Warning: there are a couple mature chapters in this one.

Remembering September: I’m a sucker for sad tear-jerkers and this one definitely is. It’s a Hyoyeon-Eunhyuk love story.

Super Junior and EXO:

I’m Hot for a Teacher: Okay, I’m not one to promote teacher-student relationships, but I found myself completely hooked on this story. The teacher is Eunhyuk, which makes it okay. 😛 This is a fun story. It’s about a girl who goes to school with the members of EXO and falls in love with her teacher, Eunhyuk.


Exposed: The Secret Lives of EXO: I know there is a whole plethora of EXO fanfiction out there, but so far this is the only one that I have really liked. It’s focused on Lay as he lives life with the other EXO members and secretly blogs about them. I really like how all of the members of EXO are in this.


I’m Sorry Hakyeon Hyung: Another tear-jerker. This is a really sad story about Hyuk and N. The author was inspired to write this from an interview with VIXX in which Hyuk says he wishes that N would be mute.

Pinky-Promises: This is such a cute story. It’s about the relationship between Ken (Jaehwan) and Leo (Taekwoon) and how they become best friends. I am in love with the way the author writes Ken’s and Leo’s characters. (Note: I am not a fan of yaoi fanfiction – boy on boy romance – and in the very recent couple of chapters this has started to become more of a romantic storyline, which is disappointing for me, but for the sake of the beginning of the story with their cute friendship, I’m keeping it on this list. Just be warned…it does get romantic later on.)

Now for some shameless self-promotion:

Ken: Can’t Live with Him, Can’t Live without Him: Another Ken and Leo story. I love their relationship, so I wrote a little oneshot of a day in the life of VIXX. I’m quite proud of it. 🙂

I have started writing dozens of K-pop fanfics: Eunhyuk having a baby, Donghae and Eunhyuk fighting over the same girl, VIXX Voodoo doll-inspired horror story, a girl living in VIXX’s dorm…all that I’m considering as works in progress, but for now the Ken/Leo story is the only one I have completed. Subscribe to me if you’re interested in possibly reading any of my other ideas. I can’t make any promises that anything new will be coming soon. All writers are bound by inspiration.

So explore! Tell me what you think of any of these if you decide to read them! And now that you know the kind of fics that I like, do you have any suggestions that you think I might enjoy? I’m really interested in good fics where all of the members of the group are part of the story.


5 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Day 6: Fanfiction. It’s Brilliant.

  1. I have never read fanfics (except for that one LotR fanfic a friend of mine wrote) because I am too scared of what I might encounter to be honest xDD Reply 1997 kiiiinda made me want to check some out but I did not back then…
    …but I think it would not hurt to at least check one out right? I will start off with I’m Sorry… and then I will read yours 😀 Looking forward to it 😉

    Oh Gawd…I just clicked on your link and the pic of Leo and Ken is already killing me xD
    (Btw loving the challenge so far !)


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