BTS “Just One Day” Music Video Review

We finally get to see the sweet and sensitive side of BTS!


This is a really sweet song. I absolutely love the melody of the chorus. The raps around the chorus are light and happy, fitting the soft sound to the chorus. I think Rap Monster’s rap is the best out of the three in the song. He uses his usual harsh style, but he voices the lyrics in such a way that it still fits with the sound of the song. Suga’s rap is nice and light, but it goes on for too long. It would have been better if they switched the rapper or the style of his rap partway through to keep it interesting. Overall though, thebts4 raps blend with the singing fairly well (not as well as they did in “Boy in Luv” though). I don’t like J-Hope’s “Party Party!” shout during the chorus. It just doesn’t match the sound of the song.

Random side note: I did not expect V to have such a deep voice! He has such a cute baby face, but when he started singing, this deep, rapper voice came out!

Score: 4/5

Video – Cinematography

The cinematography is very simple in this video, but it does fit the feel of the song. The members of BTS are just sitting bts3or standing, confessing their love. There are a few shots here and there of the members doing acrobatic moves, which looks cool. The sepia color tone matches the soft tone of the song really well and just gives the whole video a really peaceful vibe. I love the shadow scenes. There are only a couple of them, and I would have like to have seen more, because they are so artistic and really add to the sensitive feeling we get from the song. The video isn’t especially interesting, but the dance itself is entertaining enough that it keeps the video from being boring.

Score: 3.5/5


Okay, I understand that the album is called “Skool Luv Affair,” but I don’t think school uniforms are the best outfits for a video like this. It works really well for “Boy in Luv,” but this song is too mature for that same schoolboy image. It isn’t terrible, but it definitely wouldn’t have been my first choice of outfits. I do really like the other set of outfits, where they are wearing more “normal” clothes. They reflect BTS’s style, as well as the individual member’s styles, and also the style of the song.

Score: 3.5/5


bts2I really like the dance to this song. It’s a lot like MBLAQ’s “Be a Man.” It’s slow, but it fits the song perfectly. All of the members do these subtle movements that create a really nice picture as a whole. The best aspect about this dance is how the members stay in the chairs the majority of the time while each member gets up and does their bts5own choreographed dance during their turn to sing or rap. Jung Kook’s first line in particular really captivates me. His movements are so simple, but he moves with such care and fluidity. I also really like the move where they wrap their arms around their chests. All of the movements in this dance flow really nicely and match the pace of the song.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was very happy to see BTS come out with a video like this. It is very different from their normal style, but they pulled it off well. It still felt like them, which is a relief. It also made me even more Jung Kook biased. 😛

Overall Final Score: 3.9/5


Would you like to see more of these softer concepts from BTS or do you prefer their more aggressive style?


What are your thoughts?

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