Blogging from A to Z Day 5: Eric Nam

E is for Eric Nam!

eEric Nam, can we be best friends?

The fact that he responds to a question about being an idol with “Well I don’t know if I’m an idol. Am I am idol? Yeah? Oh, that’s weird,” is why I am so drawn to him. He is just a normal person who happens to be famous.

There is just something really genuine about him. On After School Club, the little side remarks he makes are things my friends and I say to each other. In Ailee’s episode of After School Club, after Ailee and Min drag him to center stage to dance with them, he jokingly shouts “This is the worst estrogen festival ever!”

He says things like “Estrogen Festival.” Who else in K-pop does that?

Then later in that episode, Min makes a mistake and he defends her in such a hilarious way, taking care of her image while turning the incident into something entertaining for the audience. I said this on Day 1, but he really is an amazing MC.

His charisma, his sense of humor, not to mention his singing talent. I just love Eric Nam. If he went to my school, I can totally see him being part of my group of friends. I have never been able to relate to a celebrity so much before. I hope he becomes successful and fulfills all of his dreams.

His new music video is coming out in a couple of days! I was fangirling to the extreme just by watching the teaser:

It was a shorter post today, but yay! Week 1 of the A to Z challenge complete! How are you liking it? There is only more to come! 🙂

Since A to Z skips Sundays, I’m thinking that I’ll have my regular MV review posts on Sundays this month. I’m not sure if I’ll post one tomorrow though. Has anything come out yet in April?


3 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Day 5: Eric Nam

  1. I love these A to Z posts. If another challenge like this comes in the future, I’ll definitely participate. Keep it up!


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