Blogging from A to Z Day 1: After School Club

A is for After School Club!

aDoes anyone remember Gurupop Show? This is basically the same thing, only more interactive with the fans. If you are an English speaking K-pop fan, you need to check out After School Club.

afterschool_club_mainIt is one of those “Weekly Idol” type variety shows where they interview K-pop artists and make them do fun things – but the entire show is conducted in ENGLISH. Yes, English, that beautiful language in which we constantly ask for subtitles! Both MCs are fluent in English, and they try to get the singers to speak English as much as possible. When the guests do speak Korean, the MCs always translate, which is so incredibly helpful to us non-Korean fans.

maxresdefaultIn addition to being able to watch a show and actually understand it, they interact with the fans more than any other show I have ever seen. Throughout the show they read tweets coming in, live, from people watching the show, and every week they choose a few people to do a video chat with the guests.

Lately, instead of verbally translating what they guests say, the staff has been typing an English translation in a box at the bottom of the screen, which I personally think it much more difficult than the MC’s simply quickly saying afterwards what was said. The typed translations are so delayed and often the MCs and guests have already moved on to a different topic before the typer can finish translating.

Other than that though, I love After School Club. For me, as a native English speaker, I have found that it is such a different experience watching these shows in English than watching a show in Korean and reading the subtitles. They seem more real to me when they speak in my own language, and I’m so happy they decided to make this show.

P.S. Eric Nam is the best MC EVER! XD


2 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Day 1: After School Club

  1. Hey, I was looking at the list of blogs on A to Z Challenge…I’m participating too and the name of your blog caught my eye. My daughter is obsessed with all things k pop! she loves this show too. Good luck with the rest of the month.


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