MBLAQ “Be a Man” Music Video Review

My first time watching this, I was seriously almost brought to tears.


This is seriously one of the best songs I have ever heard. Joon’s delicate singing in the beginning draws me in immediately and G.O’s angelic voice right after just puts me in awe. The chorus is perfect. I love the falsetto style of singing. It’s gentle and sad, but at the same time powerful. I am very happy with the rap in this song. It has the rhythm of a rap, but is soft to fit the song and comes in at a good point. The background instrumental throughout enhances the song so incredibly well, especially in the chorus and the beginning. I am just in awe and amazement every time I listen to this song.

Score: 5/5

Video – Cinematography

mblaq1The cinematography is the one drawback of this video. On the positive side, the individual scenes are perfect. Lee Joon, Seungho, and G.O. appear to be sadly singing alone in their houses, meanwhile Thunder and Mir look as though they are trapped in a dark hole, both very fitting for the lyrics. I especially like the hole illusion. That, combined with the serious colors and empty rooms show how MBLAQ is trying to be strong as men should be, but inside they are really struggling. As fitting as everything is, as a video this is pretty dull to watch. Aside from the members dancing, we see short clips of the woman they are singing about, and that’s it. It is too empty to have any value outside of the song.

Score: 3/5


mblaq2Say goodbye to the obnoxious pink hair! All of the members look great in this video. The suits match the seriousness of the song, and are all style nicely. Thankfully, no one does anything crazy with their hair. Initially, I didn’t think I would like Mir’s long hair and glasses, but as I watch the video, I find myself liking the look. He looks like one of those troubled artists, which is appropriate for a song about a man trying to “Be a Man” while he is really hurting inside. It also gives Mir a different, more artistic, style as a rapper as opposed to the typical intimidating, “cool” look.

Score: 5/5


mblaq3Can we acknowledge the fact that most other groups probably would not even attempt to choreograph a dance for a slow song like this. MBLAQ does, however, and they pull it off extremely well. The movements are subtle, but change fast enough to keep the dance interesting. I especially like the moves in lines before the first chorus, but the chorus itself is also very well done. The moves match the flow of the lyrics really well. It is subtle, but for the most part very appropriate for this song. The one totally inappropriate part is the crotch grab they do a couple of times during the chorus. Come on, MBLAQ, you’re better than that.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I loved this. Sure, the video was on the more boring side, but the song completely makes up for it. This is how a group matures. Since “This is War,” they have matured more and more, better than any other group I have seen. This is what I think 2PM was trying to do with their comebacks last year, but let’s be real: showing more skin and PDA does not equal maturity. MBLAQ does a great job with this concept.

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite part of this song? Mine is G.O.’s first lines in the song. His voice totally took me by surprise!


3 thoughts on “MBLAQ “Be a Man” Music Video Review

  1. At the first time i heard this song, I like the opening of Leejoon and rap of Mir the most. But when I hear it several times, I think the chorus when Seungho singing is the best part, esp. his movement(at 1:55) in second times


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