Toheart “Delicious” Music Video Review

Before this video came out, if you showed me a picture of INFINITE, I wouldn’t be able to recognize Woohyun. Now I think he may be my bias. 🙂


Let’s get the complaints out of the way: This really is not that great of a song. The different sets of lines, the chorus, the chant of “Come on, Girl. Love is so delicious” don’t fit together very well. The lines leading up to the chorus change a few times and all of the changes disrupt the flow of the song. Key and Woohyun are both very talented singers, and their two styles of singing are great for this type of song, but the composition itself and the final products just are not appealing to me.

Score: 2.5/5

Video – Story

toheart3Now we can get to what I really like in this video. This video has such a cute and funny story. It is about two roommates, Woohyun and Key, who are living their life together while at the same time crushing on the same girl. In the beginning, we see them hanging out in their room as Key watches the girl from the window and from behind him Woohyun daydreams about her. They have a slumber party (or whatever the boy version of a slumber party is…) and as they lie in bed, they both stare longingly into space as they think about the girl. A cute pillow fight inevitably breaks out and the scene cuts to the next day. There is an adorable scene of the two of them getting ready in the morning and then we see them at the diner where they are both going to meet the girl. While they wait for her, they fight over who she will sit next to and whose flowers she will receive. Then the story ends.toheart5

Cute. That’s all I can say. Oh so cute! I really appreciate the humor in the story. They took the old story of friends fighting over the same girl and told it in a fun and light-hearted way. I would have liked more of an actual end to the story, but that doesn’t stop what we are given from being entertaining. Bromances FTW! The chemistry between Woohyun and Key is incredible, especially considering that they are from two different groups.

Score: 4/5

Video – Cinematography

I absolutely love how this video is put together. The bright dance performance placed beside a fun story fits perfectly. Everything about this video has such a clean feel. Very true to SM, every color and object in each scene is placed to perfection, and while the story is clearly staged, it has a more natural, realistic feel than other SM videos. The layout of the bedroom is perfect for showing off both members of the duo equally.

toheart2I love the layout of the dancing scene. The colors are simple, but bright enough to be so eye-catching. I also love all of the facial expressions that Toheart makes in this video. The video does a great job at showcasing just how cute, funny, and charismatic Woohyun and Key are.

One of the aspects of this video that really impressed me is the fact that we never actually see this girl who they are both crushing on. It is a smart decision on the director’s part. The video is focused on the friendship (and rivalry) of Woohyun and Key, and adding a girl would have been too distracting. Also, the identity of the girl is really unimportant, because we are really only interested in the reaction of Toheart and how they act around each other in response to the girl. They totally could have gone the “easy” way out and used this video as an excuse to show off a pretty girl, but I am so happy that they didn’t and focused instead on the story and the singers themselves.

I am only docking off of the score because there was one single short clip of the two of them jumping in the air with exploding paint around them, which did look pretty cool, but was totally random. If they were going to add that scene to the concept, they should have at least brought it back a couple times.

Score: 4.9/5


toheart6The wardrobe is pretty good in this video. I have to say, Woohyun looks great with purple hair. Key does work his blonde hair pretty well, but I personally am so tired of his blonde hair. Of all of the different hair styles he has had, blonde is not the best look on him, and those yellow eyebrows just need to go. As for the actual clothing, everything looks great. toheart7The suits in the diner scene are good and give off the impression that they are in fact waiting for a date instead of just going out to eat together. I also really like those last outfits in the diner dancing scene. They are different from the concept of the rest of the video, but they look really cool and give Woohyun and Key their own individual styles.

Now for the main red and yellow suits. They both look great in the suits, and the colors of the suits themselves complement each other really well. They also go with the background of that scene incredibly well. However, I am a bit disappointed with the lack of originality of the outfits. They are basically just a combination of the suits in Eunhae’s “Oppa Oppa” Infinite H’s “Without You.”  Again, I think Woohyun and Key look great, and in my opinion fit this concept the best out of all three of these duos, but it would have been nice to see something new instead of a look we’ve already seen twice before.

Score: 4.5/5


toheart1Surprisingly, this video has a really good dance. I did not expect such an entertaining dance to come from a song like this. It is all so active and interesting to watch. There is one move that Key does, where he makes a fist and sort of throws his whole arm behind his shoulder – I don’t know any other way of explaining it – and it is one of my favorite moves in the whole dance. It’s a shame that only Key did it and not Woohyun. My absolute favorite part of this dance however is the whole flower exchange. Woohyun and Key both have flowers and throughout a portion of the dance Woohyun takes Key’s flower and the Key takes it back and they go back and forth in such a fun and creative way. It’s really cute and very entertaining. Overall, the dance is so much fun to watch. They create a nice dynamic picture with all of their dancing around the backup dancers.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I really liked this video! Even though this was obviously SM’s way of recycling the Eunhae concept, it worked! The video was so good that I barely noticed how much I disliked the song. Nice job, Toheart. They make a surprisingly good duo!

Overall Final Score: 4.1/5

Question of the Day:

You may have noticed that I focused a lot on the “S.M.” aspects of the video that I saw. That’s simply because I’m very familiar with S.M. videos and pretty much not familiar at all with Woollim. Are there are any Woollim fans who noticed “Woollim style” things in the video that I missed? Let me know! I’m really curious if you thought this video was more SM style or Woollim style or a combination of the two.


One thought on “Toheart “Delicious” Music Video Review

  1. Whoa your blog is really osm.Great job 🙂
    I am ELF too^^
    Yea yea dont hesitate just stan Woohyun already..our hearteu wanjanim ♥
    Why because like you said me too wouldnt have recognised Woohyun if someone showed Infinite to me before i watched Weekly Idol lol..I have to tell you this I have tried following many idols beyond SJ and failed but Nam Woohyun is someone i realised i have to stan right away not because he is handsome or because of his voice but he is such a genuine sweetheart who is so courteous to fans and everyone in general that you cant help but love him as a person.And ofcourse he has such great vocals too please give a listen to his solo debut Write if you haven’t already to have your ears blessed with his honey vocals.Omo i will stop now or you would think i m another crazy fangirl waiting to pounce on someone to rant kkekkekke ..Fighting!!!


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