2NE1 “Happy” Music Video Review

There is probably more to talk about with the “Come Back Home” video, but to be honest, I just did not like that video, so I decided to review this one.

Hope you enjoy!


I love the feel of this song. It’s light and bouncy, but at the same time the lyrics give the song a bittersweet tone. This style of singing, especially in CL’s first few lines, how it does have a tune, but is on the border of singing and rapping, is really good for this type of song. It’s a great song to sing along to, especially the “I hope you’re H-A-P-P-Y” part. The English and Korean actually flow in and out of each particularly well in this song – which has always been one of 2NE1’s strengths. My only complaint is that I feel the song begins and ends way too abruptly.

Score: 4.9/5

Video – Cinematography

2ne15This is a really cute video. I absolutely love all of the colors and animations. Even if there isn’t really anything going on in the video, the animations keep it interesting. There have been so many videos (coughBigBang’sBadBoycough) with the exact same “story” of the members singing and walking down a street, but alone that concept is just boring. This video is different though. Not only do the animations give us something extra to look at, but they also convey a message. 2ne13The song is about how 2NE1 hopes that their ex is happy even though they themselves are sad inside, and the animations show even more vividly that they are faking their own happiness. In addition to these extremely happy pictures, we see a few quick images of the members looking genuinely sad. The concept of hidden sadness is there, and it is so cleverly subtle.

As with the song, there is one thing keeping the cinematography from receiving a perfect score. In the middle of the girls singing and hanging out together, we randomly see them singing in front of the car with a guy. The whole point of the video is them talking about a guy who is no longer in their lives. Why is this random white guy with them?

Score: 4.9/5


2ne11And here is the pitfall. Again, I love all of the colors. The concept of the wardrobe is great and fits the overall happy colorfulness of the video, but it is the actual style of the outfits that I can’t bring myself to like. CL’s colorful outfit it just too crazy, and Bom’s dress with the pink cape is totally inappropriate for the setting. As for hair, Dara’s braided do just looks disgusting. I’m sorry, but to me it looks like her hair is sticking to sweat on her face.2ne14

The strong points: I absolutely love Minzy’s colorful outfit. I think that is my favorite in the whole video. It is cute and so youthful. The black outfits are also great, and very appropriate for a girls shopping day. As for hair, while we had terrible with Dara’s car scene, we have absolutely amazing with Bom’s short red hai2ne12r (so cute!) and Dara’s hair in the rooftop and “shopping” scene. Come on, YG. Dara looks so beautiful when her hair is normal and down. In my opinion, she is the most beautiful member of 2NE1. Why do they always ruin it by giving her such crazy hairstyles?

Anyway, overall I really like the concept and the colors, but those few really crazy looks are what kept this score so low.

Score: 3/5

Overall, apart from the wardrobe, this was a really good video! I have to admit, I’m not a 2NE1 fan. For a few years I just haven’t been liking their style, but I tried to be as fair as possible with this review. 2NE1 is great. They just aren’t for me.

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5

Question of the Day:

I know it’s kind of her thing, and I’m curious, are you a fan of Dara’s crazy hairstyles?


What are your thoughts?

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