Girls’ Generation “Mr.Mr.” Music Video Review

Remember, if you really love someone, you’re honest with them about when you think they are making a mistake. I’m sorry SNSD, but this is one of those times.


While I personally don’t really like the song, I have to admit that it’s a pretty good song. The beginning is well done and all of the verses are catchy. I do really like the lines leading up to the chorus. The chorus itself gets a bit repetitive in the end, and I think the slower second half of the chorus doesn’t sound that great in terms of the vocal and instrumental mix. The dance break sounds great, but those lines right after are really chaotic. I also personally am not a fan of raising the pitch and repeating the chorus at the end. I find it uncreative. As a whole it’s a good song though.

Score: 4/5

Video – Cinematography

(I guess technically there is a story: The girls are trying to wake up the guy, and in the end he wakes up and is holding hands with each of them. I didn’t think that was worth dedicating a whole paragraph to, though.)

snsd22I watched this video over and over again, with and without English subtitles, trying to find a way to fit all of the different scenes together, and I just can’t. In the beginning, and scattered throughout the video, we see scenes of the members in a doctor’s office covered by a layer of trippy colors and blurring. Then randomly during Taeyeon’s line we see her in a room with a clubbing type of feel. Then the scene goes black and white and we see them dancing in a parking lot, and in the second chorus we see another black and white scene, this time in front of a plain white background. Finally the video ends in APink “NoNoNo” style.

There is no one concept in this video. It is so all over the place that I don’t even know what the point is. If the trippy doctor scenes dominated the video, I could have appreciated them, but those black and white scenes just throw everything off. None of these different concepts match each other or make any sense together, from what I can tell at least.

Score: 2.5/5


snsd3Talk about all over the place. We have the pink doctor outfits, cute street clothes, classy black and white suits, random dresses, and cute NoNoNo-style dresses. My favorite of these is definitely the classy black and white outfits with the hats. They look amazing in that scene, and I would love to see a whole music video with that concept. I also think Sooyoung, Sunny, and Yoona in particular pulled off the sexy doctor characters pretty well. While they all look good in the other scenes as well, again I found no concept to bring all of these scenes together.snsd1 Those short dresses in the last scene probably clash the most with the rest of the outfits as well as the song itself. It just doesn’t look professional to me to have so many different types of outfits. It looks like they just couldn’t decide on one concept, so they tried to fit all of them into one music video. (Also, there was one scene toward the end where they are all wearing completely random outfits. Some of them are wearing red dresses, others wearing some other styles of dresses, and then it looks like Sooyoung is wearing scrubs! Why?!)

Score: 2/5


(Note: Start the video at 0:35)

Thankfully, I did find myself really liking this dance. The beginning is a bit slow, but once the first chorus starts, the dance picks up and is pretty nice. I really like the “Mr.Mr.” parts, and it is good that they had slightly different moves each time that part came around. It keeps the dance from being too repetitive. I also love the dance break. Lately, I have been disappointed in the so-called “dance breaks” groups have been doing where they just do generic moves not at all different from the rest of the dance, but Girls’ Generation brings something fresh out with their dance break in this song. It is so energetic and shows off the girls’ talents well.

This isn’t shown in the actual music video, but it is in the life performances and worth pointing out: They pull off the couple dancing really well in this song. Whereas most K-pop groups spend couple “dances” just seductively touching each other, Girls’ Generation actually does a dance with the guys, and a creative and entertaining one at that.

It’s not their best performance, but it’s still pretty good. (So far, I think “I Got a Boy” is their best dance performance.)

Score: 4/5

Overall, I like the dance and I guess the song is good, even if it doesn’t fit my personal taste, but this is not a video I would watch again. This just wasn’t their strongest comeback. I’m sorry GG. I love you, and I’m glad to see them experimenting, but now we know that this style, whatever that is supposed to be, does not suit Girls’ Generation.

Overall Final Score: 3.1/5

Question of the Day:

What was your favorite style of clothing in this video?



So, back in the day (last year), I used to have my own reaction videos at the beginning of each music video review. (For those of you not familiar, it was a video of myself watching whatever video I was reviewing that day followed by my immediate thoughts.) I stopped doing them because no one appeared to be watching them so it didn’t seem worth taking the time to film and edit. Now that I have more of a following, I want to know your honest opinions. If I started each mv review with a video of my reaction to that music video, would you watch it? Please comment if you would AS WELL AS if you wouldn’t. Silence doesn’t help me at all.

Thank you!


One thought on “Girls’ Generation “Mr.Mr.” Music Video Review

  1. Nice Review! GG in the black and white dance sequence= WIN other than that and the choreo I am rather disappointed especially in the music video for the reasons you pointed out.
    I’d have to say my pick for best GG dance performance is the The Boys (oki the song was not good) remix they performed at the Letterman show 😀
    Oh and about the reaction videos… I WOULD WATCH!
    I don’t know if it is too much effort to put into those vids but I love watching them especially in combination with a written review 🙂


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