February 2014 in Review

We’re already a week into March, but hey, better late than never.

Is it just me or has February been kind of a slow month for comebacks? I guess we had B.A.P early on, but a lot of the other videos that came out last month were just eh. I guess that’s what February usually is, since most of the big comebacks happen in January, at the beginning of the year.

Anyway, last month we had another S.M The Ballad album, which I was very excited for upon hearing that they were picking up the project again. However, once the actual music videos came out…well you’ll read what I have to say below. First let’s begin with one of my favorite rookies from 2012:

Noh Ji Hoon “A Song For You”

feb3Song: 4.5/5

Video – Story: 3.5/5

Video – Cinematography: 4.5/5

Wardrobe: 5/5

I was a little disappointed the first time watching this video because of how slow and toned down it is. I loved his debut music video for “Punishment” and was really hoping to get another danceable song, but after watching this a couple of times, I’ve learned to appreciate it. The sepia tone of the whole thing is beautiful to look at. The song itself is pretty good too! The story is on the cliché side, but it was still sad in the end. I really hope Cube gives him more attention from now on. It feels like they debuted him and then just forgot about him.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5

GP Basic “Pika Burnjuck”


Song: 3/5

Video – Cinematography: 1.5/5

Wardrobe: 2.5/5

Dance: 3.5/5

“Pika Burnjuck” has some really good qualities that are unfortunately trapped in a boring video. It has a really cute dance. The girls of GP Basic assert their independence and aggression through a “cutely” powerful dance. I’m not sure if cute is what they were going for, but it’s what came out of the video. They look like the little girls trying to show all of the mean boys on the playground just how tough they too can be. However, they don’t really offer anything else except for that little message. Nothing else is going on in the video, and frankly I found the song to be just okay. I like the chorus, but not much else. I really wish more thought was put into the video because it really could have been so much better.

Overall Final Score: 2.6/5

Topp Dogg “Arario”

feb4Song: 4.5/5

Video – Cinematography: 4.5/5

Wardrobe: 3.5/5

Dance: 4/5

I LOVE the concept of this video. The song is so catchy and energetic and the video is very entertaining. I love how they combine traditional Korean culture with modern K-pop rap and dance. After reading the translation of the lyrics, I only love this video even more. They basically call out other hip hop groups, implying that they are nothing but crowd-pleasers, while Topp Dogg is a genuine Korean hip hop group, set to make a name for themselves and for Korea. I love that they use the fans in the dance, and I actually wish they did more with the fans.

Overall Final Score: 4.1/5

S.M. The Ballad “Breath” and “Blind

Okay, so I was planning on doing a review of both of these music videos, but to be honest, once I actually sat down and watched them carefully, I didn’t find a whole lot to talk about. “Breath” as a song is really good, but I found “Blind” to be boring (as much as I love Yesung’s voice, the composition of the song just didn’t have anything for me). As for the stories, I’m just confused. Are they supposed to be one continuous story between the two videos or two separate stories with the same actors? The story for “Breath” was just a repeat of every single drama out there, but condensed into just a couple of minutes, and I really have no idea what was going on in “Blind.”

I loved the idea of having Jonghyun, Kyuhyun, Jay, and Jino as S.M.’s vocal unit group, and it was really disappointing to see them switch up who would do it. It doesn’t make the group special anymore when they are just going to keep switching the members. It was supposed to be a group for only the extra skillful singers, who complement each other’s voices, to sing strong, powerful ballads. Now that I know they are just going to keep switching out members simply to promote S.M’s artists, it doesn’t make the group any more special than any other subunit. It’s just a group of singers. Of course they are all talented, but I thought the original goal of the group was to have S.M.’s absolute best in one group, and I’m not seeing that with this new set of singers.

TVXQ! “Spellbound”


  • Song: 4/5
  • Video – Cinematography: 2.5/5
  • Wardrobe: 3/5
  • Dance: 3.9/5

Sadly, another disappointment. When I heard the harmony of the first line of the song, I was blown away by how good they sound together. Then the rest of the video came. It may come as a shock, but seeing U-Know and Max dancing around their private casino room with their hookers does not appeal to me. Frankly, it makes me lose respect for them. Obviously, they are not to blame. My message to S.M.: Your artists don’t look cool with this kind of image. They look like those sleazy womanizers you see in the movies. Let’s not be distracted by their physical attractiveness to see how wrong this image is.

The song and dance themselves were pretty good, but the music video just isn’t for me.

Overall Final Score: 3.4/5

That’s it for February! I’m sure there were more videos that came out last month, but these are the ones that I had opinions about that I felt the need to share. Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for my next mv review. It starts with a “Girls” and ends with a “Generation.” 😉

Question of the Day:

Any opinions on how S.M. is deciding to manage S.M. The Ballad. I’m an SM stan, so I may have stronger opinions than other K-pop fans. I’d love to know what you think of the group and how it’s changed.


2 thoughts on “February 2014 in Review

  1. Yay you liked ToppDogg! It is kind of sad that most people gave up on them after their (admittedly seizure-inducing) debut because I feel like they seriously deserve a chance!
    I had exactly the same thoughts on GP Basics comeback as you did… but aren’t they like REALLY young? They still have time to find their niche I guess?

    Ehhhh, I don’t know about SM the Ballad. I LOVE Kyuhyun’s vocals. I ADORE his voice. So I can’t really judge the group properly now that he is out tbh xD
    I like how you didn’t single out anyone but I am just going to throw Krystal in here. I mean sure she can probably sing but as you said it seemed like SM the Ballad was supposed to be a group of the best and adding people like her (completely changing the line-up in the first place, why?) kind of defeats the purpose.
    And when is Jino debuting in group I know he’s been doing a musical but still….?! I thought he’d become part of EXO when they still were called M1 and M2 lol


    1. Yeah, I purposely didn’t mention anyone because it’s so easy for people to take things personally. I am glad you mentioned Krystal though, because I had the exact same thought about her. Of course she is talented, and I love her in f(x), but I don’t think S.M. the Ballad is the right fit for her. But then again, if they aren’t making S.M. the Ballad that special anymore, than maybe it doesn’t matter who the “right fit” is. That’s what is disappointing about this whole comeback.

      AND JINO! I’m so sad he wasn’t in this. I feel so bad for him. He got one opportunity and then just dropped off the face of the planet after that. I really hope we get to see him debut for real soon.


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