BTOB “Beep Beep” Music Video Review

My boys are back! Gosh, this review is so overdue…


This is a pretty decent song. I always find myself bouncing along to the beat when I listen to it. It is light and easy to listen to. The subtle piano throughout keeps the song together, even for the random slow moment in the middle. I really like how the song was sung. Eunkwang and Sungjae do a great job with the chorus, and I absolutely love Peniel’s parts and how they lead up to the chorus. I think the disc scratching noises in the background take away from the song though, and the ending goes on for too long. I feel it kept the song from being really good. There also is not anything super special about this song. It’s okay, but not very memorable.

Score: 4/5


btob3Based on the cinematography of this video, it is a bit unclear exactly what concept BTOB is trying to go for. There is a sense of humor throughout, but that doesn’t really pick up until the end, when they are driving around in the tiny cars (which is such a funny and cute concept!). In the beginning, they are driving around and keep getting annoyed at the other members who are singing and dancing in front of the car, which is funny in a way. However, then they are singing in front of dancing girls, which totally clashes with the funny concept. Finally in the end, BTOB and the girls are partying in what appears to be a car shop. They try to incorporate a few different concepts into one video, but no one concept is given enough attention, leaving the video without any real direction or focus.

btob4As a side note, I have been noticing it for a while, but definitely noticed this a lot in this video: some of the BTOB members really know how to work a camera. Eunkwang makes the best gestures and faces when he sings, and Minhyuk totally takes on his own character when he raps. Those two in particular did a great job in giving the video personality.

Score: 3/5


btobThe wardrobe of a video, when done right, adds to the cinematography and ties the singers to the concept. Since the concept of this video is not all that clear, I don’t really have a lot to say about the wardrobe. I like how they are all wearing “biker” type clothes. The hoodies and hats looked good and fit the “car” theme. They all look decent. Some of the hairstyles could be better in my opinion, like Sungjae and Minhyuk in the scene with the gray outfits. However, I love Minhyuk’s whole look with the hat and jacket. The wardrobe overall is pretty good, with only very minor faults.

Score: 4/5


I was hoping that the dance practice video would be uploaded before posting this review, and I was happily surprised to see it in my subscription box yesterday. After watching the full dance, however, my opinion of the choreography only slightly changed for the better. I am not very impressed with this dance. The “Beep Beep” part is pretty good, and I do really like the whole ending sequence, but other than that, the rest of the dance is mostly just generic hand motions. It just is not very interesting. It would have been better with wider movements or more of the members switching places, but instead it was just a lot of dancing in place.

Score: 2.5/5

Overall, I was disappointed with this video. Nothing was particularly bad, but nothing was particularly good either. Neither the dance nor the story was given enough emphasis, both of which can either make or break a video. Sorry, BTOB. 😦 I did enjoy the video, but only because I am already a fan of them.

Overall Final Score: 3.4/5

Question of the Day

How do you think this video compares to their other comebacks?


3 thoughts on “BTOB “Beep Beep” Music Video Review

  1. Loved this comeback! It is incredibly catchy and I am happy that they went back to the 90’s influence as heard in WOW. I feel the same about the choreography- it isn’t really . And Minhyuk (Heota) =already one of my favorite idol rappers:)
    Great review!


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