January 2014 in Review

Let’s see…only about 5 mv reviews in the month of January. Let’s fix that.

So I’m going back to what I did for most of last year where at the end of each month I quickly talk about some music videos that I didn’t get a chance to write a full review for. When I choose the videos that I’m going to review, I obviously choose ones that I have a lot to talk about. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch other videos.

So here are some more videos that came out in January 2014, how I rate them, and a little bit of what I thought of each one. Anything else that came out this month that I haven’t mentioned I either disliked too much or simply didn’t know about it. Here we go!

Rain “30SEXY”


  • Song: 4.5/5
  • Video – Cinematography: 2/5
  • Wardrobe: 2/5
  • Dance: 3.9/5

This is the probably the 2nd music video/song I’ve ever seen or heard from RAIN, and I really like him now! I love his voice. The song is great. Someone said that he is the Justin Timberlake of K-pop, and it definitely shows in this song. Unfortunately, the video is pretty boring in my opinion. I only really like the scene with all of the spotlights at the end. They should have had more of that!

Overall Final Score: 3.1/5

Rain “LA Song”


  • Song: 3/5
  • Video – Cinematography: 4/5
  • Wardrobe: 4/5
  • Dance: 3.5/5

There was just something about this video that makes me like it more than “30SEXY”. There is just so much to look at. It really gives off the feeling of letting lose and having fun. The dance, while simple, is just perfect for the feel of the song. Sometimes, we all just want to through our heads back and our hands up and let out “Laaaa Lalalalaaaa…” And can I just say that I LOVE HIS HAIR in this video!

Overall Final Score: 3.6/5

B1A4 “Lonely”


  • Song: 2.9/5
  • Video – Story: 4.5/5
  • Video – Cinematography: 4/5
  • Wardrobe: 2/5
  • Dance: 2.5/5

First and foremost, I have to point out how amazing the story is. It perfectly conveys that feeling of holding on to something that is floating away, and then trying to keep yourself together when that thing finally leaves. I have to say though, aside from the story, I’m really disappointed with this comeback. The song just doesn’t suit them, especially Jinyoung’s voice, and they look too awkward in the dance. It’s a shame that such an amazing story has to be stuck with a boring song and awkward dance.

Overall Final Score: 3.2/5

Kiss&Cry “Domino Game”


  • Song: 5/5
  • Video – Cinematography: 3.5/5
  • Wardrobe: 3/5
  • Dance: 3.9/5

This is a pretty good debut video for a female group! I am in love with the song. It is so easy to listen to. I love how both the song and the dance have a South American/Spanish vibe to it. The wardrobe is not too bad either! Of course, I could do without the midriff shirts and odd yellow patterns, but for once all of the girls are wearing pants! The jackets they wear are really cute too. This group definitely has potential.

Overall Final Score: 3.9/5

OH!nle “Graduation”


  • Song: 4/5
  • Video – Story: 2/5
  • Video – Cinematography: 2.5/5
  • Wardrobe: 3.5/5

This is such an odd video. Do they realize that she is clearly 10 years older than everyone else in the video? It seems to be a love story between her and the little blonde boy, and him being so young could be her way of showing how she likes a love that is full of fun and innocence, but it just looked odd. Also, what’s up with the super multiracial class? It just looks way too forced. I really don’t know what to make of this video.

Overall Final Score: 3/5

That’s it for January! I’m planning on posting a review for SunnyHill’s newest music video and then it’s on to February! I can’t wait to write about that latest B.A.P video. AH-MAY-ZING.

Question of the Day:

Are you a fan of Rain? How was this big comeback compared to his other videos from the past? I’ve only seeing “It’s Raining,” so my knowledge of him is pretty limited.


What are your thoughts?

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