I Got a Liebster Award!


Guys! I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award! Thank you so much Saranghewho! I’ve seen other people nominated for this award, and it means so much to get one myself. I’ve been blogging for about a year (next week will be my 1st anniversary!), so it’s nice to see others recognizing my work. 🙂

Edit (2/16/14): I’ve been nominated again! This time by Aimee at Confessions of a Noona Fan (I love your blog name btw 😛 ). I’ll put my answers to both sets on questions in this post.

The Rules:

  1. You must link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 10 questions that the nominator gives you.
  3. Nominate 5-10 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Let the nominees know by going to their blog and notifying them.

And now for my answers!

Questions from Saranghewho:

1. What was your first drama?

“Loving You 1000 Times.” When I first discovered that the Super Junior members starred in dramas, I looked up all of them and decided to start on this one. Heechul is one of the side characters, and I have to say all of his and Park Soo Jin’s scenes were my favorite parts of the show. They make the cutest couple!


2. Who do you think has the best fashion style out of any singer/actor you know?

My Unicorn Lay! He always looks so stylish and comfortable:

 Lay fashion 6 Lay Fashion 2 Lay Fashion 3

3. What is the weather like outside in your country?

Right now, cold and snowy and ugly. 😦 We get all four seasons here. It literally goes from 0 to 100 (degrees F) throughout the year.

4. What is a drama you couldn’t bring yourself to finish?

There are a couple. A Chinese drama called “Drunken to Love You.” There are 18 episodes and I stopped at episode 17. Want to know why? Because if they had stopped at episode 16, it would have had such a perfect ending! But then they decided to add a whole new conflict, which I really just don’t have time for.

I also haven’t finished “Iris 2.” I started watching it for Lee Joon and Doojoon last year, but after about 5 episodes, I just find it too boring. If any of you have gotten through the whole thing, is it worth it? Should I keep watching it?

5. Who introduced you to KCulture?

My younger sister. She has a lot of Korean friends who introduced her to Kpop, and then she introduced me. If you want the whole story, read My Journey to K-pop.

6. Have you been lucky enough to visit/live in South Korea?

Haha! I have never even been outside of North America. I would LOVE to go to South Korea some day though!

7. In Kpop, what is your favorite Engrish line?

Does the entire song “Beautiful Target” by B1A4 count? “Oh my beautiful target! You joom joom my heart like a locket!


8. Least favorite drama?

“Boys Over Flowers.” I’m sorry, but the ending was just so unsatisfying for me.

9. Besides other blogs, what Kpop News sites do you guys visit?

I get all of my news from Soompi. I used to use allkpop, but in light of recent events, I’ve stopped following them.

10. Last question, what is the most listened to song on your mp3/phone/computer?

Ooh, I have to think about this one. On my mp3, probably “Baby Don’t Cry” or “Peter Pan” by EXO (Chinese versions). My most played song on Youtube is “I Remember” by Bang Yong Guk featuring Yoseob.

My most played non-Kpop song is without a doubt “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence.


Questions from Aimee:

1. Have you been to South Korea? If yes, what the the highlight of your time there? If no, what’s one thing you would love to do if you could go and visit?eyk studio part 1 plus hanbok 031

I have never been to South Korea, but if I could go…there are so many things I want to do! One thing I would make sure to do is go to Hongdae and try to find EatYourKimchi’s Nasty Studio. I’m a fan of Simon and Martina, so that would be pretty cool. In all honesty though, I would love to just walk around and see all of the street vendors and eat Korean food. I’m really interested in Korean culture in general, so being anywhere in the country would be a treat.

2. Have you ever seen any KPop groups live? Who?

Does watching Girls’ Generation perform on Late Show with David Letterman count? I’ve never been to an actual K-pop concert. 😦

3. If there was one Kpop concert you were able to attend, who would be performing?

My dream is to be able to go to an SMTOWN concert. Well, my real dream is to go to a Super Junior Super Show, but the chances of that happening are close to zero. I have a much better chance of SMTOWN coming to a city close to me.

4. You’re the casting director for a KDrama – genre of your choice. Who would be your ideal male and female leads?

This is hard. I don’t know very many actors and actresses. I really like Choi Jin Hyuk, so I definitely pick him for male lead. For female lead…..I guess I’ll go with a K-pop singer. I loved IU on Dream High and I’d love to see her in another drama. So Choi Jin Hyuk and IU. And for genre, I choose romantic comedy. Those are just too entertaining.

Aww, can you imagine Choi Jin Hyuk and IU in a romantic comedy! That would be so cute! Can someone please make this happen?

5. You’re shipwrecked on an island and were only able to recover one KDrama which you can watch on your solar powered laptop. What Drama would it be?

This is going to be the most biased answer ever, but I would choose “Ms. Panda and Mr. Hedgehog.” Donghae from Super Junior is the male lead, and I’m pretty much in love with him. Even if it doesn’t have the best plot out there, if I were to only be able to watch one person while on this island, it would be Donghae. His acting is just too cute on that show. (Choi Jin Hyuk’s character is pretty cute too!)

Best bromance EVER

Best bromance EVER

6. You were also able to recover the entire discography of only one KPop group/artist. Who would it be?

This one is easy. My boys, Super Junior. First of all, their discography is huge. I think they have over 20 albums in total? Second of all, it’s Super Junior. I could never get tired of listening to their songs.

This doesn't even include any of their albums released after 2009

These are only their albums from 2005-2009

7. If you could choose one celebrity to be stranded with you, who would it be?

Eric Nam. I just want to be best friends with him. First off, he speaks English, so we would actually be able to talk to each other. He also has such a cool personality. Watch After School Club. He’s so much fun, but he also acts like an actual person, not like a celebrity. I could totally see myself becoming friends with him.

8. What’s the craziest plot you’ve ever seen in a KDrama?

Probably Secret Garden. A man and a woman who switch bodies whenever it rains? Of course on top of that they fall in love, which just makes everything more complicated. The scenes when they are in each others’ bodies though are just hilarious.


9. What’s your favorite KPop MV?

How in the world am I supposed to pick just one?! The first one that comes to mind I guess is Bonamana by Super Junior, probably because it’s the first K-pop music video that I saw that I really loved. But I can’t forget my other favorites, Haru Haru by Big Bang, I Remember by Bang Yong Guk, and One Shot by B.A.P. I love them each for different reasons.

10. I’m fairly new to the blogging community. Can you recommend some kdrama/kpop blogs for me to follow?

I don’t follow very many KDrama blogs, but if you’re looking for K-pop info, kind of similar to my blog, check out K-pop For Noobcakes. You also may like Don’t Ever Tell A Seoul. They do a mix of Kpop and KDrama.


Now my turn to nominate. I nominate you!

Rebecca at http://kpopfornoobcakes.wordpress.com/



phantomiming at http://arbitrarilynamed.wordpress.com/


My Questions for You:

  1. What is your favorite part about blogging?
  2. Who are your top 2 ultimate biases?
  3. What is one country you would love to travel to (besides South Korea)?
  4. Who is the most underrated K-pop group in your opinion and why?
  5. Do you have an obsession outside of KEntertainment?
  6. What drama (or TV show if you don’t watch dramas) would you recommend?
  7. Who is your favorite villain?
  8. Which actor/singer completely messes up your bias list?
  9. What is something you are afraid of?
  10. Finally, what is a blog post that you have written that would you recommend to new readers?

I know, my questions are very random and all over the place. It’s more fun that way! I hope you guys enjoy answering them! Thank you again, Saranghewho! Whoever started this whole Liebster thing, it’s such a great idea!


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