ToppDogg “Open the Door” Music Video Review

Man, I forgot just how many people 13 members are. If you’re interested in learning their names, check out the dance practice video below!


I have to say, this song doesn’t give me a very good feeling. Throughout the whole song, I can’t help but notice the great disconnect between the vocals and the background instrumental. The old school sound of the lyrics just doesn’t fit with the unsystematic dubstep background. The song starts out great, and the dance break in the middle is cool to listen to, but the rest of the song is just all over the place. Even the instrumental alone had some strange parts, especially in the beginning of Jenissi’s rap when the dubstep suddenly stops. All in all, I’m not impressed.

Score: 2.5/5


This would have been a great video cinematography-wise if it was made 6 or 7 years ago, but compared to the video quality of MVs nowadays, this is not up to par. There doesn’t seem to be a point to the video. All of the members are sitting in a room staring at this line-dot hologram in the table. That’s it. Even the solo shots don’t offer much. Those scenes of them singing in front of the black and white changing background look more outdated than anything else. This video doesn’t appear to have any clear direction or purpose, thus is not very memorable. I like the scenes around the dance break where the background changes with the music, but the rest of the video could have been a lot better.

Score: 2.5/5


Even if the scenes themselves aren’t that great, the wardrobe definitely makes up for it. I really like the main dancing outfits. The styles of each one looks great. The slight differences in each outfit keep the scene interesting. I love the style. The outfits of the other scenes make the members look rich, cool, and chic. I like how they have a bunch of different styles that all fit the same concept. The hats, however, were extremely distracting and unnecessary.

And I have to say that I could not stand A-tom’s hair. He is one of my biases, but that long, bright red hair just makes him look like a girl. Sorry A-tom!

Score: 4/5


There are some really cool parts in this dance! I love the dance break. It is so energetic and inventive. The very last chorus to the ending is also well done. The rest of the dance is pretty good too. I think the chorus itself is pretty generic with the small hand movements. Since this group has so many members, the moments in the dance when they break into smaller groups and do that X-formation are the best. I wish they would do more of those.

Score: 4/5

Overall, this video has its good points, but it’s not all that memorable. I’ll give them a break since they are rookies, but they should really step up their game if they want to be successful. In my opinion, their company could really be better in choreographing their dances. SM handles big groups dances really well, and ToppDogg’s company could really learn a lot from them. With their large number, they have so much potential, but they are barely taking advantage of it.

Overall Final Score: 3.3/5

Question of the Day:

It’s inevitable that ToppDogg is going to be compared to Super Junior and EXO. What do you think makes ToppDogg unique from their big-group sunbaes?


One thought on “ToppDogg “Open the Door” Music Video Review

  1. I really wish their company would do better in promoting them. also please improve the quality of the MV. They’re such a talented group and each of them has their own distinctive skill and personality(once you get to know them better). I just hope they get all the love and attention they deserve…someday! Keep working hard guys. Hansol, you’re the best<3


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