Dalshabet “B.B.B” Music Video Review

Finally! A girl group actually wearing pants!


I knew I would like this song within the first ten seconds of hearing it. That beginning instrumental is just so good. The dynamic styles of singing throughout the song keep it entertaining and interesting to listen to. I find myself impressed every single time I hear that really fast paced singing before each chorus. The chorus itself is pretty good too. The whole song has a nice tune to listen to and the background instrumental only adds to the fun. It reminds me a lot of certain Madonna songs.

What is unfortunately really holding this song back is the repetition of “Big Baby Baby” throughout the song. It is the title of the song, but in my opinion, it’s the only real lacking part of the song. It is way too repetitive and takes away from the dance sound of the song.

Score: 4.5/5


Unfortunately, with a great song we are given a not so great video. There are a couple scenes that look great, but the amount of different styles of scenes is just too much. I really like the scenes were they choose to highlight the blue and orange, but alongside that filtered scene there is a black and white dancing scene and then a normally colored dancing scene. They should have stuck to just one or two styles instead of a bunch. I also cannot take the random English words scattered throughout the video seriously. They are somewhat related to the meaning of the lyrics of the song, but not directly. It seems to me that the editors were just trying to make the video appear “cooler” by throwing in dramatic sounding English words. Instead they should have brought in a story, or fewer, more significant phrases related directly to the song. The cinematography of this video could definitely have had more of a direction.

Score: 2.5/5


Like the cinematography, the wardrobe of this video has a couple of really good moments, but also a bunch of unrelated, unattractive outfits. I am very happy to see a girl group actually wearing pants in their music video. I like the idea of the main dancing outfits, but some of those shirts were just cut too weirdly. The jackets over the shirts looked great though. It’s clever to have one scene with black outfits and another with white, but I would have liked to see the outfits to be a bit more different than simple a different color. They are all literally the exact same style, with the only difference being the color. As for the other scenes, there doesn’t appear to be any concept. They are all just random outfits, with only a couple that I actually find attractive. Also, as a side note, they really should not to glitter eyebrows again. Whatever pretty effect they are trying to get doesn’t come across in the video.

Score: 3/5


I have to say, while this was not the best dance I have seen, it was surprisingly well done for a girl group. It is dynamic. Things are happening. It isn’t just a bunch of girls shaking their butts or swaying their bodies from side to side. There is some butt shaking, but at least it is surrounded by actual dance moves. I love the crazy arms in the beginning. The choreography of the first two choruses is also pretty good. Even in the “No no no” part there is the unique move of shaking the fingers on the side of the head. It had some substance, which unfortunately is becoming hard to find in the realm of girl groups.

Score: 3.5/5

Overall, this wasn’t the best video out there, but it gave me hope for girl groups. I love the song, and the dance is at least watchable. The cinematography could use some work, but it’s not terrible. I have a good feeling about Dalshabet after watching this video.

Overall Final Score: 3.4/5

Question of the Day:

Are you a fan of Dalshabet? I think this is the first video I’ve ever seen by them. Anything else I should check out?


One thought on “Dalshabet “B.B.B” Music Video Review

  1. Hey, great review!
    I agree, the “sexy” concepts are getting just too frequent. It’s all the same now.
    This may be a different concept Dalshabet from this video, but you should check out Have Don’t Have. It’s super fun and stays far away from “sexy”.


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