Ailee “Singing Got Better” Music Video Review

Guys…I think Ailee stole Jiyoon’s spot as my ultimate female bias.


Ailee has proven once again that her voice can do no wrong. The lyrics of this song start out sad, but as the song goes on, they become more uplifting as Ailee realizes that she is better off without her man in her life; her style of singing matches this changing feeling. She begins the song in a soft voice, but leads up to an amazing and strong chorus. The one line transitioning from the verses to the chorus is well placed and sung perfectly, just like the rest of the song. The chorus itself is just precious. I could get lost in a song like this. However, I think the song could do without the “oh’s” throughout.

Score: 4.5/5

Video – Story

The story of this video took the age old boy-cheats-on-girl story and adds a unique twist to it. Ailee is in a relationship with Lee Joon (I’m assuming they are married because they are living together and the lyrics mention wanting to be a good wife.), who is also her music producer. As he tries to get her to take her to practice a new song, she gets distracted trying to please him and have fun together. One day when she comes home, she sees him coming home with another woman. When that woman kisses his cheek, he doesn’t stop her and Ailee is heartbroken. Later, we see the two of them fighting, Ailee being all upset and Joon brushing her off like it’s no big deal. At the end of the video, she leaves him as she sings about how her “singing got better” after that.

I really like that they add the fact that he is her producer. It adds more complication to the relationship and gives the song meaning. It was interesting to see how even though she was having fun with him, her music suffered, and once she is free of him, her music flourishes. The cheating storyline is so overdone, though. It would have been much more of a unique video if they stuck to the music theme, like him becoming too demanding on her or her becoming too distracted. It was a great story, just a little cliché.

Score: 4/5

Video – Cinematography

The cinematography is really what kept this video from being amazing. The whole video is physically dark, which makes sense since the whole story has a sad tone to it, but it does get a bit depressing to watch. It is the camera work and editing that really hindered the story. The shots Joon were oddly chosen. Throughout the whole story, we cannot tell what he really feels about everything. In the scene with the other girl, we see her kiss him, but the clip cuts off right before we get to see his response. Is he playing along with her or politely telling her to back off? I encountered the same problem in the end scene of the couple fighting. What point is he trying to make in their argument? Is he being apologetic or trying to defend himself? Why are there scenes of him looking all sad in the end? Isn’t he supposed to be the bad guy in the story? I had to do a lot of guess work to figure out where he fits in the story and what his side of the story is. Also, those shots of Ailee and Joon almost kissing three separate times are unnecessary. The actual sets and lighting are okay, but the editing was done in such an odd way that it made it hard to fully understand the story.

Score: 3/5


The wardrobe in this video is really cute. Both Ailee and Joon looked comfortable and homey in their casual sweaters and shirts. It is a clever touch to give Joon a polo shirt, giving him slight authority over Ailee, emphasizing that he is also someone she works with in addition to her husband. I love the outfit Ailee wears when she catches Joon with the other girl. She looks like a cute, spunky and modest musician, giving her character some depth. Joon’s outfit in that scene however looks more like something Lee Joon, member of MBLAQ, would wear, not Joon, Ailee’s producer-husband. Other than that, the wardrobe was pretty good in this video.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I wouldn’t say this is Ailee’s best video, however everything on Ailee’s part was done perfectly. The song is beautiful and the story is well acted. It is really the editing of the video that I had a problem with. Regardless, Ailee is continuing to impress me more and more.

Overall Final Score: 4/5

Question of the Day:

This is actually more of a recommendation. If you haven’t yet, watch Ailee’s performances from this year’s Gayo Daejuns. THEY WERE FLAWLESS. My favorite was her duet with Hyorin, singing Lady Gaga’s Telephone. FLAW.LESS.


One thought on “Ailee “Singing Got Better” Music Video Review

  1. Great review! And yes I agree, the live performance with Hyorin; just perfect! It was basically seeing two amazing singers cover an awesome song in that, nothing could go wrong and it didn’t! I love this comeback by Ailee, it really shows how strong she is as an artist and nothing can get in her way. Great work!


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