TVXQ! “Something” Music Video Review

I can totally imagine this being a performance at one of Jay Gatsby’s big parties. Any fans of The Great Gatsby out there?

…Is my inner nerd slipping out?


This is such a fun and upbeat song. The whole time listening to it all I want to do is sit back and snap my fingers along with the beat. The base and trumpets keep the jazz sound running throughout the song. In my opinion, I think it’s a pretty good tribute to a fun era of music. It’s not classic K-pop, but it’s a style that I think U-Know and Max pull off really well.

Score: 4/5


TVXQ! takes us back in time to the Jazz Age with this video. It’s like they really are going back in time when they grab the microphones and everything turns a sepia tone. While the video had that old, jazzy style, it was still very TVXQ!. If they were around back in the 20s, I’m sure this is what TVXQ! would look like. The camera angles in the beginning get you excited right away and keep the excitement throughout the video. The special effects of the dance break are done really well, though. The one scene I think the video could really do without is the white scene with the floating instruments. The “special effect” took away from the nostalgic feel of the video. Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one who got tired of Max’s constant kissy faces at the women.

Score: 4/5


In general, the colors of the wardrobe were done well, but the actual styles could have used a bit of work. I absolutely love wardrobe of the dancing scene in front of the cars. You wouldn’t think cheetah print would fit this concept, but surprisingly, I think it looks great! It’s all about the right color. As for the first dancing scene, U-Know looks okay, but Max’s shorts are just not appropriate for the concept. The tattoos on the neck are pretty cool; they are sort of like today’s culture peaking into the old-looking video, but tattoos all over the hands are too much. They remind me of Jay Park, who is the total opposite of jazzy. Even though hair style is not the most prominent part of the wardrobe, I have to say that I love both U-know’s and Max’s hair styles in this video.

I know this isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but I have to talk about the girls’ clothes. They aren’t the main singers, but their outfits were just way to inappropriate for this video. U-Know and Max are wearing typical clothing that people wore back in the jazz age, yet these women are wearing the same short dresses and outfits that singers today wear. If the boys can get into character, why not the girls too? My biggest pet peeve in K-pop is the double standard of how men and women should dress, and it is painfully obvious in this video.

Score: 3.5/5


This dance had so much potential! When I saw the teaser, I was so excited to see what kinds of cool moves they would do with the ropes. What we are given in the music video is bit of pretty cool fake bass-playing in the beginning, a quick formation at the end, and that’s it. They could have done so much more with the ropes, but they are barely used in this dance which is a real disappointment. The normal dancing that it is replaced with isn’t all that impressive either. The tip-toe move in the chorus is great and well placed, but the moves around it are pretty dull and definitely not up to TVXQ! standards. Max’s dance solo is pretty good, but U-know’s is just generic popping. Unfortunately, I am pretty disappointed with this dance.

Score: 2.9/5

Overall, even though there are some slight disappointments, I really enjoyed this video. The jazz feel of it really stands out and is so much fun to watch. It’s not up to par with my favorite TVXQ! music videos (Mirotic, Catch Me…), but for what it is, I like it.

Overall Final Score: 3.6/5

Question of the Day:

U-Know or Max? Who do you think pulls off this concept the best? Comment below and I’ll let you know my answer 😉



3 thoughts on “TVXQ! “Something” Music Video Review

  1. Definitely Yunho for me! That guy is a beast on stage and was one of my first Kpop biases ever:D
    The song didn’t really blow my mind but the live performances do- but that’s a given when talking about TVXQ;)


    1. Yunho used to be my bias in TVXQ when I first heard of them, but lately I’ve really been liking Changmin! His voice is just ❤ I think it suits the style of this song really well 🙂


  2. Hmm I thought they used the rope well. It became a bass, boxing ring, puppet strings, faux mic stands, plus the ending and beginning poses. The dance fit the chill theme of jazz (and if you pay attention to the background dancers in their practice video, they have a lot of things to do) also, I think the girls were supposed to be like showgirls which is why the outfits didn’t throw me off .

    haha, Changmin was really excited they got to work with female dancers this time.


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