A Not So Happy New Year :/

Happy New Year everyone! Wait…that was over a week ago… I guess I should explain myself….

I needed a break. I sort of took a break from everything, not just this blog. My family was having a rough time and this K-pop wasn’t actually on my mind (Hehe, see what I did there?). We all have those moments where life gets to be too much and you just have to take a step back.

Also there was something else…

You should all know by now that I’m a super devoted ELF. Super Junior was what first pulled me into K-pop, and they are at the forefront of people I follow and care about in K-pop. When something good happens to one of them, it makes me smile. When one of them faces a tragedy, I too face the tragedy.

And we got the mother of all tragedies this week.

Leeteuk, Super Junior’s leader and one of my favorite members, lost his father and both of his paternal grandparents in one day. Initially it was reported that they passed away as a result of a car accident, but a couple of days later the police revealed that it was a murder-suicide. I don’t want to get into the details of what actually happened because it’s just too terrible. It’s also somewhat disrespectful in my opinion to go on and on about the specifics of this tragic situation. If you want the facts of what happened, read Soompi’s article. It sums it all up pretty fairly. (www.soompi.com/2014/01/06/police-release-provisional-conclusion-on-the-deaths-of-leeteuks-father-and-grandparents/)

I was just devastated when I heard the news. Anyone who hears about something like this should feel some kind of sadness, but it’s a specific stab at the heart when it’s Leeteuk, the leader of your favorite group ever. He’s the one who picks others up when they fall, and now he’s the one experiencing this extreme loss. To make things even more dramatic, he wasn’t even here when it happened. He’s been in the military for the past year.

Just imagine being away from your family for months, expecting to come back and everything to be the same, and then get the call that not one, but three family members are dead. And to find out just how they died…it breaks my heart to think of anyone going through this, and even more so with my beloved Teukie.

Back in 2007, Donghae, my favorite member of SJ and my ultimate bias, lost his father. After it happened, it was revealed that his father had previously told Leeteuk to take care of Donghae after he was gone. Now it’s Leeteuk’s turn to experience the loss, three times over. 😦

To non-Super Junior fans, I probably sound like an overly obsessed fan. I know, he’s just a celebrity. It’s not like he died, it was his family members. In reality, I don’t actually know any of them. People I do know die all the time. Why should I be so personally upset about this?

I’ll be honest, I was really upset for a couple of days over this whole unfolding of events. Just thinking about it put me in tears. The reason why is because I have become so absorbed in the lives of these 13 members of Super Junior. When you start to love a group for more than just their music, you become emotionally attached to them. You see them as a family and feel like you’re part of it. When part of the family breaks, you feel it as well. As I read the news, I felt as though it was an actual friend experiencing this loss. In addition to personally feeling sad that this all happened, I’m just so sad and sorry for Leeteuk. I wish he didn’t have to go through this. I watched the news video of the funeral and seeing him cry (and hearing the cries of his sister!) just broke my heart.

#StayStrongParkJungsoo  #StayStrongParkInyoung  #StayStrongParkFamily

It’s really just been a sad time in K-pop. Peniel from BTOB lost his grandfather a couple of weeks ago and apparently Kevin from U-KISS also lost his grandmother last week. (I’m not entirely sure about Kevin. I saw tweets and comments of people saying it happened, but no official article or anything from Kevin himself, so it could possibly just be a rumor.)

With that being said, my unintended break is over now and it’s time to start the new year for this blog. I got really overwhelmed last year trying to post 3-4 reviews a week, so I’m going to take it down a notch this year. I’m thinking 1-2 MV reviews a week. I’ll do more if I have the time, but I won’t commit to anything more than one or two. School is stressful enough. I don’t need this to be another stressor. 😛 So expect a review this weekend! I won’t tell you who it’s for. We’ll leave that a surprise. 🙂


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