Top 50 K-pop Music Videos of 2013 (#20-11)

It’s Day 4 of the 2013 countdown!

Day 1: #50-41

Day 2: #40-31

Day 3: #30-21

When I say “best” or “top” video, I take into account the song, cinematography of the video, and the wardrobe. If the video has a storyline or a dance, I consider those too. All five factors are weighted evenly. Every video on this list is one that averaged above 4/5 in every category.

Note: If your favorite video isn’t on this list, it’s okay. These are the videos that I thought were overall the best, but you may think differently. I just ask that you pay attention to the videos I chose and if it’s one you’ve never seen before, watch it and consider the strong points of the video before feeling upset that I chose something else over a video you liked.

If you still think I missed a very important video, leave me the name in the comment section! I watched a lot of videos this year, but there were definitely a lot that were released that I may have just not known about. Some of those youtube channels (LOEN, CJENM) release multiple videos a day. I know I missed a lot.

Here we go! Here are #20-11 of the top 50 music videos released in 2013!

#20: Henry – Trap


This video renewed my faith in S.M. Entertainment. With Henry’s debut music video, he was given a music video arguably better than any of his previous music videos with Super Junior M. The song was amazing, the scenes were really cool, and there was an actual story – and a pretty good one at that. We saw Henry fighting with his memories, feeling very trapped in the room he was in as well as his own mental state, and finally escaping only to continue being trapped in the memories of his past love. The cameos of Taemin and Kyuhyun were pulled off extremely well. The whole music video was a gem in S.M.’s hodgepodge of cheaply made music videos.

#19: EXO – Wolf


While this was another dance-in-a-box S.M. music video, it was a pretty epic music video at that. The song and dance were both incredible. EXO put in 110% in everything to create an amazing performance. The video mostly features the dance taking place in really cool rooms that almost look like the cave of a wolf. The dance itself was wolf-like with all of the crawling movements. The dance overall was really impressive with the switching out of members and the famous tree in the beginning and middle. It really was a whole performance.

#18: MYNAME – Day by Day


This video not only had the illusion of being a single take, but it had additional special effects that added to the feeling of the song. In each room we saw multiple versions of each member, which only made them seem more alone. The colors were soft to match the gentle song. All of the scenes were so simple, yet the effects added to it gave the video the quality of a video with a deeper storyline.

#17: INFINITE – Destiny


INFINITE gave us one of the best songs, dances, and music videos of the year with “Destiny.” Who doesn’t love a good super-power story line? It was like the members of INFINITE were aliens coming to this planet for the first time. The wardrobe gave the video a supernatural feel and the dance really made the song come to life. The dance itself was beyond entertaining and in between scenes of the members singing and the intense choreography, we followed each member as they discovered their own supernatural ability. The video took us on an adventure that we never wanted to end.

#16: Heo Young Saeng – Weak Child


The story in this video was such a tragic one, and it was told in such a beautiful way. We saw the development and deterioration of a relationship in this video that can only leave one heartbroken. It took a reminiscent video to a whole new level with the flashbacks, the passage of time with the day labels, and the playback of the clips when Heo Young Saeng is standing alone in his room, remembering the good times of his relationship. It was the typical regret story, but the way it was told was unique and impactful.

#15: San E – Where Did You Sleep


In the midst of all of these sad, heartbreaking videos, it’s always nice to find the lighthearted videos. San E sings and raps about his suspicions about his girlfriend cheating on him, but both the song and the video kept it funny and entertaining. San E makes such funny faces as he plays detective, investigating the girl’s room, trying to solve the mystery of where she slept last night. It gives us a funny glimpse inside the mind of the suspicious boyfriend and it is a real joy to watch.

#14: BTS – We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2


BTS preaches about their world as rookies with “We Are Bulletproof.” They rap about how difficult life as a trainee was but how working hard has put them on the top. The video shows them dancing an amazingly choreographed dance, demonstrating just how “bulletproof” they are. During the rap sequences, we see images that at first may seem random, but when reading along with the lyrics we find that the images relate perfectly to the things being said. It was a really cool peek into the life of a rookie singer, and the video proved that BTS is a group talented enough to be taken seriously.

#13: Donghae & Eunhyuk – Still You


This has to be one of S.M.’s best music videos ever. It was artistic, soft and inviting, and beautiful. It features Donghae and Eunhyuk walking around London, telling a cute little story about Eunhyuk’s lost hat. The filters and split screen effect were used so well to enhance the creativity of the simple storyline and the beauty of the different shots of London. The song was soft and sweet and the music video was a pleasure to watch. It was such a relief to see a video from Super Junior with some creativity put into it.

#12: M.I.B – Men In Black


This video was an homage to the classic story of the Men in Black. In the video, the mild-mannered M.I.B members are thrown into a reality where they are genetically altered by some mysterious scientists, live their supernatural life, and then end their video utterly confused as their memory is zapped. It was an interesting storyline with a really entertaining video. The lighting and colors added to the crazy, trippy memory concept and the scenes in the middle featuring M.I.B’s alternate lives were fun and entertaining.

#11: LeeSSang – Tears


“Tears” featured the split-screen effect at its best. It followed Daniel and NS Yoonji through their life after breakup. We see them literally mirroring each other’s lives, trying to move on but still being stuck in the past. The cinematography was done so beautifully, it was almost poetry. From beginning to end, the audience gets so wrapped up in the story of these two people, wanting more than anything for them to meet in the end. The parallel ending that we do get is heartbreaking, but so satisfying.

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  1. Thanks for the comment! I try to be as objective as possible when reviewing these videos. My personal favorites would be a completely different list 😉 Happy new year to you too!


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