Top 50 K-pop Music Videos of 2013 (#30-21)

It’s Day 3 of the 2013 countdown!

Day 1: #50-41

Day 2: #40-31

When I say “best” or “top” video, I take into account the song, cinematography of the video, and the wardrobe. If the video has a storyline or a dance, I consider those too. All five factors are weighted evenly. Every video on this list is one that averaged above 4/5 in every category.

Note: If your favorite video isn’t on this list, it’s okay. These are the videos that I thought were overall the best, but you may think differently. I just ask that you pay attention to the videos I chose and if it’s one you’ve never seen before, watch it and consider the strong points of the video before feeling upset that I chose something else over a video you liked.

If you still think I missed a very important video, leave me the name in the comment section! I watched a lot of videos this year, but there were definitely a lot that were released that I may have just not known about. Some of those youtube channels (LOEN, CJENM) release multiple videos a day. I know I missed a lot.

Here we go! Here are #30-21 of the top 50 music videos released in 2013!

#30: Kim Jaejoong – Just Another Girl

xxJaejoong brought the emo rock singer into K-pop with this song. The song, wardrobe, and scenes made him seem so hopeless and alone. He embodied the rock image in what he was wearing and the stage on which he was singing. This video was different, and while simply being different doesn’t make it an amazing video, it was put together with one image in mind and it was pulled off really well.

#29: EXO – Miracles in December


As December rolled in, this beautiful music video was released. The song alone is stunning. The strong vocals and harmonization really made this song special. In addition, the video came with a heartbreaking story with a little hint of supernatural in it. It felt like the type of video one would want to cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate and watch. For EXO fans, and anyone else following the group from their debut, there were little Easter eggs scattered throughout the video reminiscent of EXO’s previous videos. This really was a special video and perfectly timed to be released.

#28: K.Will – Love Blossom


It’s hard to say exactly what type of video this is. It has humor, randomness, romance, and a feel good, happy ending. It tells the story of an undervalued employee struggling through his superiors just so that he can have a nice time at the amusement park. The song carried the audience along L’s adventure as he tricks his coworkers and abandons them so that he can spend the rest of the day on a romantic date. To make it unique, throughout the video there were little things to keep the video funny and entertaining. By the end, we aren’t really sure why anything happened, but the sense of simple happiness is impossible to look over.

#27: IU – Friday


This video was exceptionally well done cinematography-wise. It told the heart-breaking story of the overlooked best friend. All shot in a single take, we are able to follow IU in her romantic surprise date with the man of her dreams, but in the background we see her friend, the one totally in love with her but unnoticed next to Mr. Perfect. The camera takes us from IU’s lonely night at home down to a restaurant where she has her date and outside of which her friend longingly watches the two lovers. A video done in a single take is always impressive, but giving the audience two stories in that one take makes it exceptional.

#26: A-Jax: Insane


What is K-pop without its crazy, random videos? A-Jax gave us a shoutout to G-Dragon’s “Crayon with this music video. It shows the members of A-Jax trapped in an insane asylum and the crazy things that go through their head while there. We see rooms full of mirrors, cats, a crazy spitting out cuckoo clock, and so much more. The crazy colors, mirror effects, and energetic song only add to the fun. What could be more entertaining than a fun video about an insane asylum?

#25: 2PM – Come Back When You Hear This Song

2pm come back

This was one of the most cleverly made videos I have ever seen. The basic story is about a girl who leaves each member of 2PM over some conflict, and then is drawn back to them when she hears their song. This typical break-up-make-up story is told in a totally unique way by having each conflict relate to one of the seven deadly sins, hers being pride. Because of her pride, she isn’t able to handle the sins of the other members of 2PM, so she leaves. Subtly placed in each scene where we see the conflict are some kind of sign of what that member’s sin is: Nichkhun is called by the “Greed Company,” Wooyoung’s song is called “Sloth,” and the license plate to Jun.K’s car says “Wrath.” The thought and care taken to make each scene unique is really commendable.

#24: Teen Top – Rocking

teen top

So many things were done right with this video. The song is extremely catchy and the video is put together so well. From the very first second to the last, we are thrust into Teen Top’s fun, energetic world. There is not a single dull moment in this video. All of the scenes and outfits fit together, and care was even given to little things such as the hair color to make everything as visually appealing as possible. The dance is incredibly complex and entertaining and the rest of the video is equally entertaining. Going through the whole video is an experience that never gets old.

#23: U-KISS – Standing Still


It’s always a treat when a music video has a song that is incredibly well-composed and a dance that is energetic, synchronized, and entertaining. U-KISS sings about a man who is on fire and a girl who is cold and unapproachable. We literally see the girl and the U-KISS members behind a wall and the whole video has a coldness even though there are images of fire. The images in the video perfectly capture the feeling of the song and lyrics. In addition, we get a dance that follows the song perfectly and is entertaining to watch.

#22: Lim Chang Jung – Open the Door


I was almost going to ignore this video, but now that I have watched it, I am so glad I did. It is impossible to watch this video with a straight face. It follows a man who makes it his job to be the “morality police.” When he sees an injustice being done, no matter how small, he simple gives the perpetrator the look, and without exerting any force, makes the people undo their crimes. The video features cameo after cameo of Korean celebrities and the whole thing is such a fun experience. This is the “Gangnam Style” of 2013. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, and I guarantee you will laugh.

#21: Jin – Gone

jinIt’s hard to believe this was just a music video. From the very beginning, it looks like a movie. It tells the love story of a blind girl and a boy with a heart problem. In just five minutes, we see their relationship grow from Xiumin discovering the girl for the first time to the tragic end of their relationship. In addition to the development of their romance, we see the dynamic between Yoojung and her father and how their relationship changed in the end. It is cute in the beginning, and tragic in the end: overall an incredible music video.

Check out #20-11!


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