Top 50 K-pop Music Videos of 2013 (#40-31)

It’s Day 2 of the 2013 countdown! To see Day 1 (#50-41), click here.

When I say “best” or “top” video, I take into account the song, cinematography of the video, and the wardrobe. If the video has a storyline or a dance, I consider those too. All five factors are weighted evenly. Every video on this list is one that averaged above 4/5 in every category.

Note: If your favorite video isn’t on this list, it’s okay. These are the videos that I thought were overall the best, but you may think differently. I just ask that you pay attention to the videos I chose and if it’s one you’ve never seen before, watch it and consider the strong points of the video before feeling upset that I chose something else over a video you liked.

If you still think I missed a very important video, leave me the name in the comment section! I watched a lot of videos this year, but there were definitely a lot that were released that I may have just not known about. Some of those youtube channels (LOEN, CJENM) release multiple videos a day. I know I missed a lot.

Here we go! Here are #40-31 of the top 50 music videos released in 2013!

#40: J.Y. Park – Had Enough Parties


It’s one victory to find a music video that actually makes sense, but it’s another to find a video that makes sense and has a good message. In this video we see J. Y. Park actually taking a look at his life and thinking about whether or not the carefree life of partying is the right choice for him to make. We literally see the two visions he battles with in his mind about which direction he wants to take his life. It was a story told very well with the refreshing idea that maybe the lifestyle a lot of celebrities promote is not the best way to be.

#39: Tiny G – Minimanimo


Tiny G restored my faith in girl groups with this video. It was fun and cute, and unlike other aegyo-filled videos, it was genuine. The girls of Tiny G weren’t making overly enthusiastic kissy faces at the camera; they were just smiling naturally and sharing their good time with the audience. The song is unbelievable catchy and the music video is just full of color and fun.

#38: Drunken Tiger – The Cure


We were all given a splash of nostalgia with this video. The song was so mellow and the child-like animations throughout the video reminded me what it was like to be a kid. We went on a trip with Drunken Tiger and MFBTY down memory lane as they sing and rap about wanting to go back to innocence. It was a video to make anyone feel reminiscent of the “good ole days.”

#37: 2NE1 – Missing You


The chilling sadness of this song and video is what puts “Missing You” on this list. The song is full of raw emotion and the somber faces of the members of 2NE1 drive that feeling home. There is such a powerful feeling of loneliness with this video. It is a beautifully sad music video. The cinematography with the wide camera angles and snow only added to the emotion of the song.

#36: TASTY – Day’n Night


The truly best music videos are the ones that can take the audience through a movie-worthy plot in one short video. This video incorporated romance, betrayal, manipulation, and brotherly love in about five minutes. In addition to the layered story, the song and dance kept it a music video, instead of one of those “drama version” videos. The incorporation of all of the different elements was really well done in this video.

#35: Davichi – Just the Two of Us

davichi just the two of us

The acting is really what makes this video above others. It was the typical girl and boy regretting their breakup video, but the use of flashbacks and emotion in the actors gave this age-old plot some power. The audience sees the story develop as the video unfolds and with each addition to the story, we feel the same sadness that the girl and boy in the video feel. This was another one of my personal favorites of the year. The feeling of regret and sadness at the end gets me every time I re-watch it.

#34: Kim Hyun Joong – Unbreakable


This video was just all sorts of epic. The song was unbelievably composed. Jay Park’s addition gave it the edge it needed to go from a great song to an amazing song. The video itself was a perfect mix of modern dance and mysterious images. Kim Hyun Joong becomes so “Unbreakable” and unstoppable that he nearly turns into an animal by the end of the video. From beginning to end we are pulled into Kim Hyun Joong’s world to absorb just how epic he is.

#33: NU’EST – Sleep Talking


This had to be one of NU’EST’s best music videos. It told a bizarre story in a funny way, had a fun song, and a really entertaining dance. There were so many colorful rooms all with different styles. We saw the different crazy nightmares of each member and went through them as they all came together in the end. Alongside a crazy story, we saw a really interesting and creative dance. A lot of thought was clearly put into this production and the end results is utterly entertaining.

#32: Song Ji Eun – Hope Torture


This video had one of the best uses of cinematography this year. The images used to portray Ji Eun’s feeling of pain and suffering was so vivid. We saw her in multiple situations where she is both emotionally and physically in pain as a result of being with a man she does not want to be with. With the song, we hear her sing out her woes as we see these images of her literally attached with a bloody nail to this man. It was so intense and descriptive of the feeling of pain and entrapment.

#31: ZE:A – Step by Step


“Step by Step” told the classic story of a boy trying to set up something special for a girl that he likes. We see each of the ZE:A members taking the nerve-wrecking steps to giving the girl a letter inviting her to a date made especially by them. It was a nice concept and the acting was adorable. It was creative to switch the story from member to member. Overall it was a cute, feel-good video.

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