Top 50 K-pop Music Videos of 2013 (#50-41)

It’s Day 1 of the 2013 countdown! I’ve been waiting all year to share with you the videos that I thought were the best of the 2013. Most of my blog posts here are reviews of music videos, so how could I not give a review of the best we’ve seen in K-pop this year? As we countdown to the new year, I’ll be posting 10 videos a day, so that by the end you will know what I thought were the top 50 videos of the year. (To give you some idea of how much this is, I watched and analyzed about 180 videos this year. This list is the 50 that I gave the highest score.)

When I say “best” or “top” video, I take into account the song, cinematography of the video, and the wardrobe. If the video has a storyline or a dance, I consider those too. All five factors are weighted evenly. Every video on this list is one that averaged above 4/5 in every category.

Note: If your favorite video isn’t on this list, it’s okay. These are the videos that I thought were overall the best, but you may think differently. I just ask that you pay attention to the videos I chose and if it’s one you’ve never seen before, watch it and consider the strong points of the video before feeling upset that I chose something else over a video you liked.

If you still think I missed a very important video, leave me the name in the comment section! I watched a lot of videos this year, but there were definitely a lot that were released that I may have just not known about. Some of those youtube channels (LOEN, CJENM) release multiple videos a day. I know I missed a lot.

With that all said, here we go! These are the top 50 videos released in 2013!

#50: Yong Junhyung – Flower


Do I even need to comment on how artistic this video is? The images used are entertaining and so descriptive of the feeling of losing a beautiful flower. The song, produced by Junhyung himself, matched the video in giving off the feel of a dead flower. Everything about this video fit together so well. For a solo debut, Junhyung really impressed with his ability to portray a feeling and message through this video.

#49: ZE:A – The Ghost of the Wind


ZE:A has to be one of the most underrated groups in K-pop. They have been around for a while, yet people don’t seem to talk about them a whole lot. This was a really solid comeback by them, but it got little attention. From the song to the dance to the story, I found this video to be captivating. The song was fast-paced with an added creepiness to make it special. The video was actually related to the song in a creative way, portraying a girl who really feels haunted by ghosts while the ghosts are simply the ZE:A members trying to be noticed by the girl that they love. In addition to being on this list, this video was also one of my personal favorites of the year.

#48: MBLAQ – Smoky Girl

maxresdefaultClassy. That’s the first word that comes to mind every time I watch this video and hear the song. Everything about it was so…smooth. The outfits, the hair, the dance, the color…I feel like I should be wearing a fancy dress in a high-end club listening to this song. The dance was not over the top like MBLAQ’s other comebacks. It fit the tone of the song, which is always desirable. I feel MBLAQ really grew as artists with this comeback.

#47: Jung Joon Young – The Sense of an Ending


I had never heard of Jung Joon Young until I saw him on “We Got Married” and I’m so glad I discovered him. Joon Young brings an edge to K-pop. He stays true to his passion for rock, refusing to fall into the norm of pop music. Not only was this song a pretty good rock song, but the video used the same heart-breaking story found in a lot of other K-pop music videos and adapted it to that rock feel. It’s something different, but it was done really well.

#46: NTrain – Come Back to Me

maxresdefaultThis video is classic K-pop. The fast music, geometric patterned rooms, dark outfits, and synchronized dance is what draws so many people into this genre. The song is so catchy with the background dance track that we K-pop fans live off of. It’s a video that just gets your blood pumping and your heart racing. Everything about this video is just so K-pop.

#45: San E – Break Up Dinner


This video perfectly captures the feeling of being stood up. The acting and use of color perfectly portrays the transformation from excitement to bitter disappointment as San E’s ex-lover doesn’t show up to his dinner. The difference in his and her behavior is framed by the different scenes very well. The little twist at the end adds a little something special to the typical sad break-up video.

#44: WonderBoyz – Tarzan


In this video, the boys of Wonderboyz tell us the story of a comic geek in love with the waitress next door through the very comic lying on the floor of this boy’s room. This concept is not used very much in K-pop, and it was carried out pretty well in this video. As we saw the comic geek longing watch the girl of his dreams, we literally see the fantasies he has of her in his head. The song itself is well-composed and very catchy. I guarantee that you’ll be singing “make a thrilla in manilla or an island” for days after hearing this song.

#43: Shinhwa – This Love


Shinhwa proved with this video that they are K-pop legends. There was no experimenting with sounds and styles to try to get attention. They did what they did best: sing a song about love and perform a beautiful dance with such a confidence that only experience can produce. The composition of this song is flawless and the video is full of glamor without being too flashy.

#42: B.A.P – Hurricane


Party anthem of the year! This video demonstrates just how wherever B.A.P goes, they bring the party with them. This video just gave off the impression that B.A.P owns the world. I have always seen them as an incredibly confident group, but the locations and wardrobe of this video gave them a feeling of power and high-class. This video is definitely the “Hands Up” of 2013.

#41: Taeyang – RINGA LINGA


Thank God for Taeyang. In the midst of what seems like a bunch of mediocre videos, Taeyang consistently proves that K-pop is still alive, dynamic, and full of talent. With his amazing voice and bursting swag, Taeyang reminds everyone in this video why he is part of one of the most successful K-pop groups in the business. The song is gold, the dance is well choreographed, and the video is just so entertaining. For the whole video, Taeyang is just doing his thing and we can’t help but keep our eyes glued to the screen.

Check out #31-40!


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