VIXX “VOODOO DOLL” Music Video Review


This is hands down the most gory music video I have ever seen. Watch the original below, but if you can’t handle the blood and brains and skin-piercings, I suggest watching the clean version. It’s basically just the video without the story.


This was one of those songs that I just did not want to end. It was so intense and mysterious. There were so many really good parts! I LOVED the “jjaekkak jjaekkak” lines right before the chorus. It was taunting in the perfect way. I also loved Ravi’s rap and the lines right afterwards. The whole “Should I go? Should I stay?” part was perfect. I loved it. The lines right after the “jjaekkak jjaekkak” changed the beat which was a little hard to adjust to each time, but they led into the chorus well. This is the perfect kind of song for their vocal style, especially Ravi.

Score: 4.5/5


It is a completely different story with and without the lyrics. The song is about how VIXX is willing to be the victim to the girl’s voodoo doll that she can take out her anger on, so in the video we see VIXX trapped and suffering from all of the things she is doing to the voodoo doll. But by the time the song says “Should I go? Should I stay? Nobody know(s)”, she looks like she is enjoying it and the members try to escape. During Ravi’s rap when he’s saying that he’s ready to embrace hell, the story shows the members trying to escape. This shows that mentally they say they can handle the girl’s torture, but physically it gets so bad that they have to escape. When she catches one of the members (I don’t know his name) and brings him back to torture him some more, it shows that the voodoo doll got to her and instead of just taking her anger out, she is just evil now. Such a good, creepy story. The lyrics really make it a lot deeper. It just took a lot of energy to draw the whole thing out because on the first watch, the story and the lyrics seem totally contradictory.

Score: 4.9/5


The colors were perfect – black and red to resemble the evil, pain, and torture going on in the story. All of the scenes corresponded with each other really well. It looked like a dungeon, which was perfect for the story. The dancing scene looked like a castle in Hell which went along with the lyrics and the theme. The jerky camera angles enhanced the torturous, painful feeling of the members. As for the scenes of blood and brains and skin piercings, it very vividly showed what the members were going through, but truthfully it was really hard to watch. It was so appropriate, but really, it was so gory that it could just turn people off. Music videos have to tell a story, but also have to make the audience want to watch it over and over again to be successful.

Score: 4.5/5


I really liked the main dancing scene. The suits had stitches on it, matching the voodoo doll. I also liked how most of the members had torn up shirts in their individual torture scenes. They looked tortured. Some of them had torn up sweaters which reflect the warmth of the girl, but the torture of the voodoo. N’s sweater was too fancy for that type of scene though. Also Leo (I think it’s him) didn’t have a torn up shirt, it was just a vest that showed off his chest, which is not the same. I liked the other dancing scene. They looked more like boy group members but still had the dark style.

Score: 4.5/5


This was such an amazing dance! Every single part matched the beat of the song perfectly. It was really good visually, having the members do different hand motions to make a really cool, creepy picture. My favorite part was the “jjaekkak jjaekkak” lines, how they make tick-tock hand motions as well as the slow hand motions after the “Should I go? Should I stay?” In both instances they were so taunting, which I love. It was energetic at the right parts and slow and taunting at the right parts. I LOVED how the skull was used. It wasn’t overemphasized, but it was always there, adding a little bit of creepiness to the dance. It was such a creative idea. The single moment that was not perfect was the second verses when they are on the floor. That part just didn’t have the same feel as the rest of the dance.

Score: 4.9/5

Overall, this video was just amazing. They brought the torture and voodoo theme into every single aspect of the song. It wasn’t just a video, but a whole experience. For me personally, I probably won’t be watching the original video again just because my stomach can’t handle all of the gore, but I still appreciate it for what it was. I’m also super happy that they have a clean version. 🙂

Overall Final Score: 4.7/5

Question of the Day:

VIXX has now had three of these dark concepts: “On and On,” “hyde,” and “VOODOO DOLL.” Which one is your favorite?


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