Taeyang “RINGA LINGA” Music Video Review

I love this so much….but am also slightly disappointed. Can you guess why?


The chorus is so addicting! I could listen to that “ringa linga ling ringa linga ling” all day.  I didn’t like the rapping though. He is an amazing singer. He should stick to singing instead of trying to rap just because that’s the “cool” thing to do. I would have loved every minute of this song if he had done more of it in his amazing singing voice. Even the mix between singing and rapping in the second set of verses was better than just straight up rapping. I really liked how the song began with the psychedelic piano and then straight into the strong chorus.

Score: 4.5/5


The party feel of the scenes matched the sound of the song. Everyone looked like they were having a good time, especially in the end. Singing the “ringa linga ling” lines while spinning around was perfect! I like that it was mostly outside. It was like Taeyang was giving us a little peek into his party kingdom. I just wish the rest of the video could have been as fun as the end. They were dancing and partying, but they didn’t appear to really be enjoying themselves until that last scene. The G-Dragon car was fun.

Score: 4/5


I loved all of the clothes. They reflected the hip hop style of the song. He really fit the character based on these outfits (much better than the over the top hip hop clothes he had on in GD’s “One of a Kind”). It was hip hop, but it was Taeyang-style hip hop. The hair looked really good in some scenes, like when he was wearing the black turtleneck outfit. Blown to the side looked good too, but in the car scene, his hair reminded me a little too much of a lion’s mane than a cool hairstyle. I just can’t stand that hat with the braids. One or two braids are okay, but four braids equally spaced around his head just don’t look cool. And I am now convinced that Taeyang is incapable of being in a music video without taking his shirt off. Seriously Taeyang, you can still be just as likable with your shirt on.

Score: 3.5/5


The chorus had such fluidity that each move flawlessly led into the next. The “Ringa linga ling” move was perfect. There were only a couple of moments where there wasn’t movement all over the place (the lines leading up to each chorus), but his stage presence still made those parts entertaining. The dance was so skillful and energetic. It wasn’t just a dance to accompany the song; it was its own form of expression. It went along with the pace of the song perfectly.

Score: 5/5

Overall, this was a really good comeback. However the one thought going through my head every time I watch the video or hear the song is that Taeyang is trying too hard to imitate G-Dragon. Taeyang never raps. His first solo, “I’ll Be There” was perfect for him because he showed off his great talent of singing. The singing parts in this song spoke to that greatness, but it was surrounded by raps that just did not suit Taeyang. GD didn’t even serve a whole lot of purpose in the music video except steal over that car scene. Now I don’t know how much of this was Taeyang’s idea or YG’s, but I hope the situation doesn’t turn into one where the other members of Big Bang just try to mooch off of G-Dragon’s fame instead of making their own. Taeyang, be your own person! You are INCREDIBLE just the way you are!

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5

Question of the Day:

What do you think about the video? Did you think there was too much of the G-Dragon style in it?


3 thoughts on “Taeyang “RINGA LINGA” Music Video Review

  1. “Taeyang never raps. His first solo, “I’ll Be There” was …”
    just a few comments on factual accuracy. Taeyang originally trained to be part of a rapping duo (with GD, as GDYB), way back before Big Bang started. It’s true that Ringa Linga’s one of the first times that he’s rapped a significant portion of the song, but he has rapped before (ie. Baby I’m Sorry), and it’s not like he’s jumping the bandwagon as it’s the ‘cool thing to do’. Also, his first solo is not I’ll Be There, but instead, his mini album back in 2008, (Hot). Actually, if you count his solo single My Girl, which is technically a Big Bang single, i think that was released even earlier. it may be useful to review discography before saying blanket statements about what certain artists never or always do.
    otherwise, i enjoyed reading this review 🙂


  2. His braids are not evenly matched that is all
    Besides tht I like them!

    He is not imitating GD…
    GD and other guys do that becouse they support each other…


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