Mr.Mr “Do You Feel Me” Music Video Review

This is probably THE most underrated video of the year.

Want to know why?

Just take it all in:


I LOVE the instrumental! The song was soft but upbeat. It wasn’t all in your face like a lot of other electronic songs. The vocals were strong, but also gentle. I loved the echo-effect and overlapping lines in the chorus. The instrumental really made this song special. This is easily one of the best songs to come out this year.

Score: 5/5


It had so much potential! She is exploring this mansion and find the Mr.Mr members frozen in place. She places on of their hands on the microphone and he slowly comes to life. Then she leaves and he runs out, looking for her. The story ends with her looking up and feeling the snow falling from the sky. I wish there was more. She could have brought all of them to life. They had him run after her, but the scene ends there. It was too short and choppy.

Score: 2.5/5


I loved the set up of the dance scene – super classy. Every scene had a similar theme which is good. There is snow and the whole video has a cold feel which matches the fact that they are frozen. It was such an uplifting song though, I would have expected it to appear a little happier.

Score: 4.5/5


I love how the story scenes make her look like a princess and them like princes. The white suits with hats were perfect and the dark suits were classy. With the microphones, the suits fit very well and made for such a classy concept. Everything was formal and sleek. I loved it.

Score: 5/5


This is how you do a dance with mic stands! They used the microphone stands as an extension of their own body. The opening was great. Even though it wasn’t especially energetic like most K-pop dances, it matched the song very well. It was subtle just like the soft song. They moved the stands and danced around them in synchronization and grace. I loved the domino effects in the dance. This was what SHINee’s “Dream Girl” should have been.

Score: 4/5

I’m telling you, if the story was a little more developed, this would have been one of my favorite videos of the year. The song is AMAZING! The dance is so perfect for the song and the idea of the story is mysterious and captivating. The view count is in no way representative of the quality of the video.

Overall Final Score: 4.2/5

Question of the Day:

Are you a fan of Mr.Mr? Or, like me, is this your first time hearing of them?


2 thoughts on “Mr.Mr “Do You Feel Me” Music Video Review

  1. This is their debut song:
    I really liked the sound of the song, and I really don’t get tired of listening to it. I think their most recent release is more complex and while I like listening to it now, idk if it will have the same long term effect on me. I still listen to “Who’s that girl” a year later.

    Their other song, Highway:
    I didn’t like the song as much as “Who’s that girl” (because of the bad pronunciation of “rule” in the chorus, pulls me out every time) but they have a decent story to this video. I also just realized that the main guy in this video is the training partner for Tae Joon in “To the Beautiful You”.

    As for the members, I don’t know they’re names. I just know they got a new guy for this comeback, so these videos have 5 guys instead of the 6 you see in the video you just reviewed.


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