U-KISS “She’s Mine” Music Video Review

U-KISS meets hip hop…

….sort of.

My Initial Reaction


I was surprised to hear a song like this from U-KISS, but the style suited them pretty well. AJ killed both of his raps with such great style. I thought Kevin’s parts were sung especially nicely. My favorite part of the song though was Kiseop’s lines. The beat was so fun and I find myself unconsciously bobbing my head whenever I hear it. Even though there were four distinct sounds in the song, they flowed into each other very well. However, I was not happy with the ending. It was very quick, and simply repeating Kevin’s line that was sung just before the chorus was not very creative. The song would have been so much better with a better ending. The current song was too repetitive.

Score: 3.5/5


The scenes in this video were pretty good. Having everything in black and white was a good choice, especially keeping the lyrics in mind. The song is about a guy telling other guys to back off of his girl, so the muted colors enhance the intimidating tone of the video. I did not like the colored shoes though. If the dance had more of the footwork emphasized, the shoes would have made sense, but as it is, the color brings attention where nothing special is really happening.

Having the members of U-KISS in pairs in one of the scenes was a really nice touch. I always appreciate when groups do this (like Teen Top in “Rocking”). All of the cool, fun faces the members made at the camera were entertaining. AJ, Hoon, and Kiseop worked this concept very well. Soohyun on the other hand looked awkward in my opinion. My biggest complaint of this video is the inclusion of the girl. The song is about protecting a girl, yet the video shows a girl flaunting her body around. If U-KISS really did want to protect her, they wouldn’t be showing her off like they are in the video. It’s like she is some flashy prize that all of the guys gawk at but only U-KISS can have possession over her – not a great message.

Score: 4/5


I was pretty split in my opinion about the wardrobe of this video. Overall, it was a good concept. I liked Kevin’s, Hoon’s, and AJ’s outfits. Hoon’s shirt by itself looked a bit strange, but he made it work and it looked good as an outfit on him.  I did not like Eli’s jacket or Kiseop’s shirt. They were too strange for my taste. Soohyun’s outfit was okay, but there was not really anything special about it like the other outfits. I really liked that in the white and black scenes, the outfits were generally the same with slight differences.

Score: 3.5/5


Even though the actual moves were not very complicated, this dance was perfect in matching with the beat of the song, especially considering how often the beat of the song changes. When the song changed in tone, so did the dance. I loved Kiseop’s opening of the group and all of the shoulder movements. Hoon’s face-wiping move was also fit the sound of that part of the song so well. From Eli’s entrance to the end, the dance was not only entertaining, but it was very appropriately toned. It was active and the right parts and softer and the right parts.

Score: 4/5

Overall, I liked this video. It wasn’t amazing, but it was entertaining for me. They pulled off this more hip hop image surprisingly well, but it will take some getting used to.

Overall Final Score: 3.8/5

Question of the Day:

Who did you think made the best faces in this video? I loved Hoon, AJ, and Soohyun in this. Some of the faces were cute, and then some were just hilarious.


What are your thoughts?

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