A-JAX “Snake” Music Video Review

This has got to be one of the funniest, cutest videos of the year.


This was not a particularly great song, but it was nonetheless very fun to listen to. I really enjoyed the fun, playful style of singing. It was pretty good until the second chorus. After that, the tune was not very easy to follow. Those closing lines did not fit well with the rest of the song nor did it end the song very nicely in my opinion. The chorus itself was also not very memorable.

Score: 3/5


The story was nothing short of funny, creative, and absolutely entertaining. It tells the story of a group of boy scouts who rescue a girl who appeared to be poisoned. When she wakes up, they all try to woo her, but she plays hard to get and instead lures them in one by one. Once she has one under her grasp, she eats him! One by one she eats all of the members of A-JAX until they are all inside her stomach and then goes back to pretending to be poisoned so that another group of innocent boys can fall into her trap. Having the girl literally be a snake who eats other people was so unexpected, which made the story so entertaining.

In addition to the craziness of the girl’s character, I found the portrayals of the members to add to the entertainment of the story. Their innocence was adorable as they struggled to perform CPR on her while trying to get over the nervousness of touching her. Also the idea of them using the manual to try to figure her out was clever and added to the fun. I really enjoyed this story.

Score: 4.5/5


As alluded to above, having the idea of the “A-JAX Manual” carrying the story along was a great idea and gave the story a solid theme. Seeing each part of the manual as the story progressed kept me interested all the way until the end. The things inside the manual itself were just hilarious. My favorite part was “What to do if you are eaten by a snake.” It kept the story light and fun all throughout. Other pros: the video was pretty well-balanced between story scenes and dance scenes. The dance was there to add to the liveliness of the video, but did not interfere with the story at all. I also liked the foreshadowing in the shots of the girl surrounded by bones and skulls.

There were a few moments where I was just shaking my head. The snake-charming scene was completely random and could totally have been cut out. It disrupted the video and was just strange. I also cannot understand why the solo shots of the members portrayed them as naked gods in picture frames. It did not at all relate to the rest of the video.

Score: 4/5


I really enjoyed the Boy Scout theme to this video. The suits were very appropriate for the characters. When it comes to the girl’s outfit, I understand what they were trying to do. She is supposed to look seductive to attract boys into her trap, but I personally did not find her outfit very attractive, particularly the leggings. It just didn’t fit in alongside the Boy Scout outfits.

Score: 4/5


Obviously the dance was not very emphasized in this video. It is meant to accompany the song, not the story, so in the video itself I was not able to catch a whole lot of what the dance was. From what I saw, it seemed pretty good. It was fun and energetic, just like the song. I liked the lineup that the members do near the beginning of the song. There was not anything really special about the dance, but it was appropriate for the song and video.

Score: 3/5

Overall, I enjoyed this video a lot. The song was just okay, but it went along well with the story, which was so entertaining and funny that it made up for the song. The plot twist of the girl being the snake was so unexpected and unconventional, and I loved it.

Overall Final Score: 3.7/5


What did you think of this video? What part of the story was your favorite?

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