Topp Dogg “Say It” Music Video Review

A rookie group with 13 members. This should be interesting…


This song followed the recent trend of rap-heavy songs, and it did not disappoint. I love how it started so suddenly and then went straight into the chorus. This was one of those songs that just gets you excited and energetic. I thought the break of dubstep in the middle was brought in flawlessly. The mix of rap and singing also blended together really well. The single part I did not like was Jenissi’s rap (for those of you who haven’t learned their names yet, the rap after the 2nd chorus, 1:54). All of the raps were fast, bad-boy raps, and then his rap interrupted the whole thing with a slow, sarcastic sound to it that just didn’t fit. Other than that hiccup, from beginning to end this was a really strong song.

Score: 4/5


I had a few problems with the cinematography of this video. There were definitely pros, like how one of the dancing scenes was themed with fire and the other with snow. It was creative to have that distinction, but I found the fire scene to be much better done than the snow scene. Having snow flying around the room made it hard to see, and on top of that, the outfits were light which blended in with the snow and the background. It was hard to watch the dance in that scene, let alone try to identify the members’ faces.

The rest of the scenes were done pretty well, though. I like that the individual shots were outside. It made the members seem more real and relatable. It was also clever to have the scene at the end where they are wearing the fire outfits but have the snow blowing around them; it was a nice way to tie the two scenes together. All in all, for a video without a story, it was still pretty entertaining despite the clarity of the snow scene.

Score: 3.9/5


The highlight of the wardrobe was definitely the hair styles. They were all very creative and looked good on each member. It was smart to have each member with a distinctive hair style considering that this is a brand new group with so many members. It gave each member their own style. My favorites were Jenissi and A-tom (the second rapper). The outfits themselves were also very well done. I really liked all of them. As I said above, it would have been better visually if the snow outfits were either darker or had more vivid and solid colors. They just did not stand out enough in the snow scene. I also saw a couple people in that scene wearing shorts with longs socks; that style just did not fit with this concept. The rest of the outfits, especially in the fire scene, went along with the feel of the song very well.

Score: 4.5/5


There were definitely some really notable parts of this dance. The best part was during the last rap and the dance break. The final pose of all thirteen members was also impressive. The rest of the dance was pretty good in its energy, but I found a lot of it to be very chaotic. There were too many scenes of all thirteen members doing the same move, and definitely too much freestyle to look like a visually appealing, organized dance. They did break into smaller dance groups a few times, but they definitely should have done this more, with better transitions. With a group this big, the amount of freestyle and large, repetitive movements looks too chaotic and messy.

Score: 3.5/5

Overall, I was generally happy with this video. Even if the cinematography and dance are not amazing, the energy the song brings and the sheer amount of movement on screen is enough to make this fan extremely excited for this group. It was not the best video, but it left an impression, which is important in any debut video.

Overall Final Score: 4/5


Do you have a favorite member yet in Topp Dogg? With so many members, I’m still learning their names, but I have found a couple biases! For now at least, I’m liking P-Goon and A-tom (leader and maknae!)


What are your thoughts?

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