K.Will “You Don’t Know Love” Music Video Review

Chanyeol is acting! He did an… okay job.


This is such a pleasant song to listen to. The melody is so easy to listen to. It really captures the K.Will’s musical voice.  His voice seemingly effortlessly carries the listener through the tune all the way to the end of the song. I felt that the tune itself could have been a bit more dynamic however. The sound of the verses did not change very much throughout the song, making it dull by the end. I have to say that I get a bit bored of the song partway through.

Score: 4/5


This story took a lot of inferences and assuming to really figure out. From what we see on screen, Chanyeol and Lee Ho Jung wake up all alone, remembering of a time in the recent past of a fight they had. As they go about their day, Lee Ho Jung cleans up her room and Chanyeol makes a mess of his room. They gather different memorabilia that reminds them of the other and put them in a box. With their boxes, they go back to the forest where they had their fight, meet each other, and Chanyeol gives her back the ring she gave him after their fight. They hug and the video ends.

From what I gather, Chanyeol and Lee Ho Jung were in a relationship and had some kind of fight. Lee Ho Jung then goes back home and makes a mess in her room out of anger or sadness. The next day, as she is cleaning up the mess, she comes across some of Chanyeol’s things and proceeds to gather them to give back to him. At the same time, Chanyeol is gathering Lee Ho Jung’s things to give back to her. As they are doing this, they are reminded of all of the memories these items hold and feel better about the relationship, causing them to only want to get back together when they later meet in the forest. I feel this story, if this is even the story, was told in a way that was just too hard to figure out. Part of it was the acting. Both Lee Ho Jung and Chanyeol changed their apparent emotion too suddenly. They were upset and in the very next scene happy. We didn’t know why they had the fight, what exactly they were doing in their rooms, or why they were back in the forest. It was a cute idea for a story, but too much of it was assumed. There needed to be more on screen to explain why certain things were happening.

Score: 2.5/5


This video was very polished and clean-cut. Everything, even in the messy room, was perfectly placed and each scene held significance. I like how easy it was on the eyes, but the care taken to make each scene look perfect did get in the way of the story in my opinion. While everything looked very nice, nothing appeared natural. Chanyeol’s bedroom was way too neat to be a young guy’s bedroom. Even the way he was sleeping looked unnatural. Even the forest looked fabricated. The video was trying to be so picturesque, but in doing so lost the naturalness to make the story believable.

Aside from that, I didn’t like how similar the present scenes and flashbacks looked. There was a slight change in color, but it was so subtle that sometimes I wasn’t sure if I was watching a flashback or not, which added to my confusion. Also, the scene of Chanyeol crying in the very beginning was unnecessary. He didn’t appear to be that sad at all in the rest of the video, so it just seemed random. While the video had really great appearance, it was difficult to enjoy.

Score: 3/5


The wardrobe of this video was very simple, which was very appropriate. I really liked all of Lee Ho Jung’s outfits. They looked natural and very cute on her. I also liked most of Chanyeol’s outfits. The concept was a tame one, but it fit the sound of the song and the characters Chanyeol and Lee Ho Jung were representing. The one scene I could not ignore was the scene of Chanyeol in his bedroom. Who goes to bed in a sweater over a polo shirt? That was one of those moments where they were trying to make Chanyeol appear so perfect that it was not natural. Other than that, the wardrobe was really nice.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, there wasn’t anything that really turned me off, but I could not enjoy this video as much as I try. It is just so unnatural. I am very surprised at this, considering it is a K.Will video. His past two videos have been really good at story-telling, and this one just seemed like it was by a different artist. The song was really nice, but the video was really dry.

Overall Final Score: 3.5/5


What did you think of Chanyeol’s acting?


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