Where Have I Been?! (Personal Update #2)

Well, I probably should have seen this coming. Obviously I haven’t posted anything in a while and frankly am really behind on music video reviews. As I’ve been saying in recent posts, school has gotten really busy this year. For some reason it was so much easier for me to keep up with this blog and my school work last year than it has been so far this school year.

There’s no way I’m giving up on this blog, but school has to come first, so I just want to let you all know that if I don’t post anything for days or weeks at a time (hopefully it won’t get to weeks), it’s not because I’m abandoning this blog. I probably have a paper or exams and just don’t the time at the moment to write a whole MV review. October seriously flew by and I totally lost track of any kind of schedule for blog posts. No we’re halfway through November and I’ve barely posted anything.

So here’s the plan: My next review will be K.Will’s “You Don’t Know Love”. After that, I wanted to write a full review for both Topp Dogg and A-Jax, but I may just post my reaction video for that since it’s so late. I’m definitely going to then post a full review for U-Kiss’s “She’s Mine.” After that, it will be my October videos post and that will be it for October.

As for November and December, I have a question: Should I try to do a few long video reviews, or a bunch of really short ones (like I did for July)? At least for the rest of 2013, I know I won’t be able to post as many full, extensive reviews as I’ve been doing, so I’m thinking shorter ones would be better for me to be able to get more videos covered. What do you think?

I’m sorry about all of this! Here is a Donghae to make it up to you:



What are your thoughts?

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