K-pop Catch-Up: October 2013 (Busker Busker, Baek Ji Young, Dongho, Tablo)

This is so overdue. I apologize yet again for being behind on my blog. Even my youtube channel is suffering. 😦 Anyway, since we are well into November, a lot of this probably seems like old news, but I have strong opinions to share about these things that have happened in the K-pop news.

Busker Busker Dishes the Dirt on CJ E&M


(Brad from Busker Busker gave an interview where he reveals a lot of negative information about Superstar K and CJ E&M Entertainment.)

Wow. My first thought is that Brad has really got some guts. Super Junior’s Heechul seems to be the only other person in the k-pop business (that I know of) who is confident to reveal the dirt about this sketchy entertainment industry, and now Brad can be added to that small list. In the interview, Brad talks about how the show “Superstar K” was very scripted and inauthentic as well as the suffocating rules imposed on Busker Busker while being part of the show. It was not a fair contest at all since they had already decided ahead of time who would win. The performances were heavily edited and re-recorded after the first “live” session. In their dorm life, they were faced with strict diets and a bunch of rules. I was not totally surprised about the dorm life information, and I really shouldn’t have been that surprised about the show either, but I still was. As much as we don’t want to admit it, most of the Korean “reality” shows are not at all reality and are very heavily produced and scripted. While it takes away the enjoyment from watching these shows, it does make sense. There is so much emphasis on appearance and perfection in K-pop that real reality would not even be close to matching the images these idols emulate. Still, when these “secrets” are brought to light, it does make me appreciate the production a little less.

Baek Ji Young Sue Netizens about Miscarriage Comments



(After suffering from a miscarriage at 4 months, Baek Ji Young sues netizens who posted comments about her miscarriage, accusing it of being her fault.)

This is just disgusting. How could anyone insult a woman right after she suffers from a miscarriage, let alone accuse it of being her fault?! I have no words for how despicable I found this. This was her and her husband’s first child and it died. Sorrow and disappointment doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling they must have had. She is already sad about losing her baby, yet these people thought it would be fun to kick her while she’s down? What upset me even more were the comments below this article of people making fun of her or saying that it isn’t a big deal. Who are you to say how much a woman should mourn over her lost child? Comments like “what’s the big deal, it wasn’t even born yet” or “they can just have another one” are just rude, insensible, and unnecessary. A baby is not something you buy online, and if it breaks or gets lost in the mail you can just get another one. It is a human, uniquely made for Baek Ji Young and her husband, and they will never be able to know him or her. Did you know that at four months, when the miscarriage occurred, the baby already has a heartbeat and starts moving? I don’t know what else to say except that I am so sorry for Baek Ji Young and her husband for their loss, absolutely disgusted at these heartless netizens for making these comments, and praying that the couple can fight through the loss and the hate and move past this tragic event with patience and hope for the future.

For the record, I had never heard of Baek Ji Young before this, so this is not a rant from some emotional fan. Celebrity or not, no woman should have to go through this.

Dongho Leaves U-KISS



(Dongho announces his decision to leave U-KISS and the entertainment industry due to both health and personal reasons.)

As a KissMe (U-KISS fan), I have to say that this was a complete shock to me. Even though Dongho was never one of my favorite members, it is still so saddening to see him part from the rest of the group. He was the cute little maknae (youngest) member of the group and I’m sure the other members are definitely feeling his loss. As disappointing this is for KissMes, I have to say that I applaud Dongho for his decision. Sure, he let some fans down, but it’s his life, and if he wants to live it outside of the public eye, his decision should be respected. The article said he was not comfortable with the celebrity life for a while, and I don’t blame him. Celebrity life, especially for a k-pop idol, is rough. Having to endure ridiculously strict schedules, diets, workout plans, and constantly appearing to love it in front of the camera would be more than tiring. Since Dongho is so young, he could easily leave the entertainment business, go to school, and live the normal life that he wants. Thank you NH Media for respecting Dongho’s wishes and ending his contract early.

That being said, I feel so bad for U-KISS. Having Kibum, Xander, and now Dongho leave, on top of them being around for so long and never receiving any awards, I really hope they can come out of this stronger than ever. They are so unbelievably underrated.

Tablo and Daughter to be on “Superman is Back”


(Epik High’s Tablo and his 4-year old daughter, Haru, will be featured on “Superman is Back”, a show where dads take care of their kids for 48 hours while their wives are away.)

I don’t know very many K-pop idols with kids, but of the ones I know, Haru is my favorite. She is just adorable. When I first discovered Epik High, I learned about Tablo’s Standford controversy  and how his family received threats, and upon reading interviews where he talks about worrying for his family’s safety and hearing “At the Bottom”, a song dedicated to his wife and daughter, I just fell in love with their family. I am so surprised that someone so playful and youthful as Tablo has a daughter (he’s already 33 years old!) and I’m very excited to see the two of them on the show.

Isn’t she just adorable??


That’s it for October! What did you guys think of my comments? Did anything else happen this past month that you want to talk about? Shoot me a comment!


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