BESTie “Love Options” Music Video Review

Finally! A girl group video with a good message!


This was a pretty fun, easy-to-listen-to song. I thought the members’ voices blended together particularly nicely in this song, especially in the chorus. It had a light beat with a fun background instrumental; it was one of those songs that one doesn’t need to think very hard or feel too much to listen to. It works in a lot of different moods and is generally pretty enjoyable. Given all of that, it did lack uniqueness. In fact, the “doo doo doo doo doo doo doo” lines made it sound too cliché for me. It had that generic “girl group” sound that kept me from really being impressed with the song. I may have actually really liked this song if it had that little something extra and special.

Score: 4/5


I was completely taken by surprise at the subject of this video. Throughout the story, the members of BESTie are looking for ways to become more glamorous, whether it is trying on fancy shoes, looking for giant diamonds, worshipping pictures of celebrities, and trying out different makeup products. None of them are finding what they are looking for, and by the end of the video, they come to a realization that they don’t actually need the superficial things they spent the video looking for. The jewelry girl leaves the jewel room and pulls out a candy jewel; the pictures that one of the girls is sitting and worshipping fall and reveal a sign that says “Keep Calm and You’re Beautiful”; the makeup girl gives up on finding the right makeup; the shoe girl puts something inside the shoe to make it sturdier. They don’t bother trying to become what is stereotypically beautiful and settle with the beauty they already have. The real climax in this for me was when the pictures fell, revealing the sign that read the message of the whole video: You’re Beautiful. Don’t settle for superficial beauty, just aim for the natural beauty within you. I love the message and the different ways it was portrayed.

My few complaints: There was no final scene to solidify the final meaning of the video. It is revealed to the BESTie members that they are looking for beauty in the wrong place, but just barely get in the end that the beauty was already there within them. There was no final scene to give the video closure. I am also totally confused about what the shoe girl put inside the shoe that broke. I have watched the video multiple times and cannot figure it out. (If you know, please leave me a comment!)

Score: 4.5/5


As great as the story was, the cinematography did not do a whole lot to help tell the story in the best way it could have. There were a lot of extra individual scenes that did not need to be there, especially the scenes with the car. The members looked pretty, but that time should have been filled with more scenes to develop the story a little better. I did really like the layout of the dancing scenes. The video is all about beauty and glamor, and those dancing scenes are so glamorous and flashy to make BESTie appear as beautiful as possible. I love that the room of each story scene was specifically designed to be about that one thing (like a room full of shoes for the shoe scene or a room looking like a colorful fancy jewelry store for the jewelry scene.) If the scenes were put together better and included more scenes of the story, the video would have been a million times better.

Score: 3/5


It was very difficult for me to find outfits that I liked in this video. The white ones were pretty nice. I liked the patterns and color contrast, but like almost all of the other outfits, they were so short. I hate that it is becoming the norm in K-pop to wear pieces of clothing the size of shirts as dresses. As for the style of these “dresses”, they were not very attractive in my opinion. The red plaid ones were way too busy and did not fit with the colorful, neon style of the video or even the rest of the outfits. The main black outfits were okay, but nothing especially pretty, and those shoes were just strange. As for the outfits of the story scenes, I thought they looked way too professional and business-like for the leisurely scenes they were in. Wardrobe is not the most important part of a video, but as it was I was unimpressed.

Score: 2/5


Surprisingly, I actually found this dance somewhat entertaining. Even though the moves of the dance were not especially complicated or advanced, they were not boring many other K-pop girl group dances. I was especially impressed with how well the dance moves matched the beat of the background music. Most of the time, the choreography of a video matched the rhythm of the lyrics, not the instruments, but this one did and it gave it an entertaining aspect I rarely see. The dance seemed much more coordinated with the song and complemented it much better than other dances. It was also a pretty fun dance with all of its bouncy movements. That being said, the main “doo doo doo doo doo doo doo” move looked a bit awkward to me and seemed a bit amateur to me. The actual skill required to do that move is not very high, and since it is one of the main dances, it kept me from really liking the dance as a whole. It had its flaws, but the dance was on the better side when it comes to girl groups.

Score: 3.5/5

Overall, I was happily surprised when I watched this video. It was pretty brave of BESTie to have their debut video condemning the mainstream ideas on what is “beautiful”, but it is a great reminder in the sea of makeup and costumes and flirtation that true beauty is within and defined by an individual, not society.

Overall Final Score: 3.4/5

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