Heo Young Saeng “Weak Child” Music Video Review


I like this song. It has a really nice tune throughout the entire duration. Heo Young Saeng’s voice sounded particularly nice in this song with its melody. While some parts, like the chorus, sounded uplifting and triumphant, other parts sounded more regretful, making this an easy song to listen to in both happy and depressed moods. While I found the chorus and verses to sound very nice, it also sounded very much like a generic OST. There was not a whole lot unique about it, keeping it from really standing out as an amazing song.

Score: 4.5/5


This video depicted the story that Heo Young Saeng watches on his recordings of his life with the Weak Child (the girl). On Day 1, they are in the flirtation period, smiling and laughing at each other. By Day 24, he starts doing nice things for her like tying her shoe and picking up her book. On Day 153, she is having a bad day and he cheers her up and takes care of her. By Day 180, the last day of their relationship, they enjoy each other’s company at the beach, but something happens that makes them both sad. In my initial reaction, I thought it was because she had some disease and she was getting into the last days of her life, but based on the lyrics, I am guessing that he takes that day to tell her that he wants to end their relationship. They have a goodbye hug and Heo Young Saeng is suddenly all alone on the beach, replaying all of the memories until the end of the video.

While a typical breakup story is less interesting than my initial interpretation that she had some kind of life-threatening disease, in the actual story, there is a good possibility that she was suffering from some kind of mental disease, possibly depression. In the song lyrics, he sings about how she is always weak and needs him to take care of her. Based on her sometimes sad moods in the story, I don’t think it is too far of a stretch to say that she could have had depression. Taking care of her gets to be too tiring for him, so he breaks up with her, and later plays back their entire relationship in his head, regretting leaving her over and over again. I would love this story if it was meant to have her having some sort of disease, but the ending really was not clear enough to tell exactly what happened and how their relationship ended. It was still heart-breaking nonetheless.

Score: 4/5


While the story itself may have been slightly unclear, it was told in such an artistic way. I loved seeing the progression of time with the day numbers and the use of color in the flashbacks. As the flashbacks came closer and closer to the present, the colors became richer and less monotone, yet in the actual present when Heo Young Saeng is alone in his room, everything is dark, representing his regretful and mournful feelings. The flashbacks told the story in an interesting way without getting too confusing. I was also very impressed at the creativity in using the videos of the past not only in flashbacks, but as projections on the wall in the dark scene where Heo Young Saeng is singing and remembering the Weak Child. The two uses showed that he was not only remembering her, but also almost physically going back to the past to watch his relationship unfold. Those dark scenes did really well in showing how painful it is to think about her and realize that she is gone. I’m giving the cinematography a near perfect rating, the only room for improvement being the unclear ending. It was very creative and illustrative.

Score: 4.9/5


I thought the wardrobe was pretty good in this video. The whole video had an autumn feel, and the wardrobe reflected that very nicely for the most part. I liked all of Fujii Mina’s outfits. They were very appropriate for the appeared weather, giving her an innocent look without looking too glamorous. The only outfit that was questionable was the beach outfit. There is no occasion where one would wear a winter hat and shorts. The shirt in that scene was probably my favorite of the whole video, but the rest seemed contradictory to each other. I like Heo Young Saeng’s outfits in the Day 24 and Day 153 scenes the best. In the other two scenes, while the sweaters matched Fujii Mina’s looks, they weren’t exactly the most flattering piece of clothing for him to wear, but that is such a small detail that it didn’t interfere in my enjoyment of the video at all.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I liked the video. The song was okay, and I am still unsure of how to interpret the story, but it is still interesting and carried out beautifully. No matter what interpretation you take, the story still has great emotional impact on the viewer.

Overall Final Score: 4.5/5

Question of the Day:

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