My Super Junior Dream

I had a dream the other night that I had to share on here. It was about Super Junior. I’ve had dreams about Donghae before, but this is the first time I have ever dreamed about Super Junior as a whole.

It was one of those dreams that is so realistic that you wake up not sure if it actually happened or not. In my dream, I was in my room on my laptop like normal. Super Junior had had a performance the day before, so as usual I was on YouTube looking for a video of the performance. When I finally found it and started watching it, I thought for a second that I clicked on the wrong video. It was Super Junior, but it was ALL of them. Hangeng was there with them on stage in 2013 (I don’t remember if Kibum was there, but Hangeng was definitely there). The performance was in China, so they surprised everyone by having a reunion performance with Hangeng. They were performing and having a good time just like before when Hangeng was in the group and seeing him with everyone was such an amazing feeling.

Unfortunately, I had to wake up and remember that Hangeng isn’t part of the group anymore. I was surprised at how sad I was to realize it wasn’t real. I could clearly picture Hangeng singing alongside the other members, but in reality, that is never going to happen again, and that reality is just too sad.

I feel like every ELF (SJ fan) has had a dream like this before, whether it be a real dream or a daydream. Even though I got into Super Junior right after all of the drama happened, those months between “Bonamana” and “Mr. Simple” promotions I lived the first four years of Super Junior’s career, watching all of their previous videos and variety shows. I saw the bond they had and the strength they had together on stage. From my perspective, Super Junior was at its best when all 13 of them were together. There was more energy, more brotherhood, and less sadness. Even after Donghae’s father passed away, Kibum was there to wipe away his tears. At that time, Heechul had such a close relationship with Hangeng that we have never seen him have with any other idol. Even if you don’t count Hangeng and Kibum, it has been years since we saw all of the current 11 members on stage together with members constantly serving in the military.

Now believe it or not, some good has come from this whole thing. With the older ones gone, some of the younger members have been able to break out of their shell and be more active on stage, particularly Eunhyuk and Ryeowook. We also see Hangeng having more success and recognition as a soloist than he ever had when he was part of Super Junior. It’s all nice, but it never changes the effects of nostalgia.

I’m guessing this dream came from hearing about SS501’s recent reunion. Unlike Super Junior, the members of SS501 just drifted apart, each pursuing their own individual activities. There is hope that we will get a reunion like this with Kibum, but Hangeng’s departure held such a finality that I don’t think we’ll ever see him on the same stage as Super Junior again. All we can do is re-watch old videos and remember the good times when Super Junior was whole (The next video is one of my favorite SJ performances EVER, and the following is one of the only performances in HD that I could find with all 13 members):

(By total coincidence, I recently ordered Super Junior’s very first album and of all days, it came in today, when I had planned to post this. :))


What are your thoughts?

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